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I love skincare products and I like to think I’m good at taking car of my skin. Drinking loads of water every day, in fact, it’s my favourite drink (however boring that might sound) I believe helps keep my skin fresh. I try my very best to keep my face clean and wash off makeup every day, especially after investing in white bedding. No one wants to wake up in the morning with a face print on their pillow cases.

skincare products from above

Lumene Valo Light Range

Throughout my 30 and a bit years I’ve never tried really seen a massive difference in which skincare products I use. As long as I moisturise, it’s been fine, until now! Enters Lumene’s Valo Light range and my skin is definitely glowing. I’ve only been using these for a little over a month or so. I was given a sample kit of the Valo Light range, including Glow Boost Essence, Glow Reveal Moisturizer and Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream for Christmas and I love it so much! I can get excited about many skincare products but these are by far my favourites. On top of being great, they also have a zesty smell – my favourite!

Glow Boost Essence

A miracle water indeed. So much lighter than a face oil but still firming on the skin. Cloudberry is the main ingredient, an alpine fruit popular in Sweden and Finland where Lumene is from. It smells heavenly and only takes two small drops to cover your face and neck.

Glow Reveal Moisturizer

This cream too has cloudberry in it, which the slight peachy pink colour reveals. It’s nice and soft, not as thick as other face creams tend to be and only a pea size is enough to moisturise face and neck. It’s said to help the skin feel plump and smooth and give it a youthful and radiant glow and I’m prepared to agree.

Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream

The overnight cream is slightly thicker than the moisturizer but still, only a little is needed to moisturise face and neck. It has has a yellowish colour and more of a lemony scent due to extra vitamin c extract added to the cloudberry.

Skincare products in bathroom

Rituals of The Laughing Buddha Collection

Another set of skincare products I got for Christmas is The Laughing Buddha Collection by Rituals. Again, perfect for me as it bursts of lemon and other zesty flavours. I slavishly use it every weekend, starting with the sugar scrub and ending with the body cream.

Good Luck Scrub 

I find this scrub very sugary compared to others I’ve used and that it takes quite a lot for each use. It’s really nice on the skin though and does the job and with ingredient like sweet orange and cedar wood it smells gorgeous.

Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel

I love this! It’s so much fun seeing how the gel turns into a creamy foam as soon as it touches the skin. You don’t need much at all for it to cover the full body. It’s rich and the smell of orange and cedar wood fills the whole bathroom when used.

Fortune Shower Oil

I haven’t used the oil as much, I ind it leaving a sticky feel on my body but perhaps it something I just have to get used to. It’s described to help maintaining the summer tan so perhaps I’ll save it for the summer months.

Touch of Happiness Body Cream

The body cream again smells just like the rest of the range and it’s so satisfying walking around smelling like an orange (lol). I find I need quite a lot of cream in order to cover the full body so this tube will sadly not last me long. I’m happy to by a new one though. Over the winter months it’s kept my skin nourished and dry free.

What are your current favourite skincare products? Have you used any of these before?

Jennie xx