Yard & Coop Chicken Restaurant

There’s a new chicken restaurant in Leeds. Yard & Coop* has finally opened up its doors at the bottom of Merrion Street. If you find yourself in Leeds’ “Northern Quarter” make sure to stop here for a bite to eat or if you’re on a night out, go for a couple of drinks. Nando’s is overrated, this is the hot bird place you want to queue outside for. Let me tell you why!

Yard & Coop Leeds Yard & Coop InteriorYard & Coop Seats Yard & Coop Hairsalon

Yard & Coop serve buttermilk fried chicken to perfection. The batter is crisp and the chicken is mouth melting good. Not a dry meat string in site. All their meals are valuabley priced. For £10 you get a meal that’ll keep you fully satisfied. The menu also offer larger plates if you’re feeling extra peckish, only for a couple more pounds, and for the food challengers out there, a humongous burger can be ordered. Don’t be shy ordering it, the ‘Massive Cock’ is not to be messed with.

Yard & Coop Bar

Yard & Coop in Leeds sits over two floors. The ‘Yard’ downstairs with its living room vibe where alcoholic drinks and cocktails are served. Upstairs you’ll find yourself in the ‘Coop’ – the kitchen area where all the finger licking goodies are served and the home to a pretty SMEG fridge. This place has some serious interior goals. I could definitely see myself living in a flat decorated like this place. A pink spiral staircase links the two floors, a spot you want to feature on your Instagram feed.

Yard & Coop Pink StaircaseYard & Coop Gin CocktailYard & Coop Salted Caramel Milkshake

Yard & Coop Chicken Menu

Let’s have a look at the menu. I went for a traditional chicken meal where you in three simple steps customise your own. 1. Choose your type of chicken. 2. Pick a sauce. 3. Decide what type of fries you want as a side, or a salad if you’re being healthy. I went for chicken breasts as I find these the juiciest part of a chicken. I’m a sucker for anything with coriander in it so the Korean sauce (plum, honey, soy and coriander) was a given for me. On arrival we got to try all their sauces options (7) and the Korean, alongside Dr Pepper BBQ is my favourite. To stick with the Asian theme, I got the Salt & Pepper Fries: onion, peppers, chilli and seaweed.

Yard & Coop MenuYard & Coop Chicken MealYard & Coop Chicken WingsYard & Coop Chicken Restaurant

Phoebe opted for one of the larger plates options and I can confirm it’s a lot bigger. She wasn’t able to finish the Yakete Wrap but from these options, I’d still like to try the Bao Bun Box at my next visit. Together we shared one of their side options – the Amaizeballs. The name says it all, sweetcorn with coriander, chilli and peas, they’re amazing! I could easily come here and only order from the hot sides options to make it a tapas meal. However, it would defeat the objective which is to smother your face with chicken whilst here.

Yard & Coop Amaizeballs

Sweet Treats

To finish, I tried one of their six milkshake options. All are freshly served in fun milk cartons with real ice cream. It sounds heavy but it is surprisingly very light. The saltyness form the salted caramel flavour takes away a bit of the sweetness. We also got a chance to try their brownies which are fully packed with chocolate deliciousness. The perfect end to a lovely launch evening.

Yard & Coop MilkshakeYard & Coop Brownies

Do you like chicken? Have you been to Yard & Coop yet? If not, after reading this lots, would you go?

Jennie xx

*Yard & Coop kindly invited me to get a preview of their restaurant, drinks and food hbefore opening up their doors to the public) in return for this post. Words, views and photos (unless otherwise stated) are as always my own.