Duck Hearts

I’ve written about Vanguard’s themed food events before. Since then they have changed name to Iroko but the interior, menu and concept stays the same. I’ve been back for coffee and cake and also another foodie themed event: this time their Japanese night. £20 a ticket for a full Yakitori experience, served with Japanese beer and whiskey.

Iroko Bar Leeds

Yakitori Evening at Iroko

Yakitoro is very popular in Japan, as an after work treat hanging out with friends. At Iroko, you can experience this every second Thursday, during two sittings: 6.30pm or 8.30pm. Yakitori is a style of Japanese barbecue which Iroko’s menu celebrates in the form of five different skewer dishes.

On arrival, vegetable tempura to start the evening. A very tasty tempura I might add. The sauce extra so. A sort of soy sauce but slightly thicker. This was the first time I tried sweet potato and seaweed tempura but I liked it, especially the seaweed.

Vegetable Tempura

Charcoal Grilled Yakitori

First skewer of the evening, Torinegichicken thigh with spring onion. Really soft and tender chicken,  with a perfect amount of charred taste. Chicken can sometimes easily be overcooked and go dry as bark but these pieces were cooked to perfection.

Yakitori chicken

Second dish, Kokoroduck hearts with sichimi togarashi (orange and chilli spice). I’ve only had chicken hearts before, never duck hearts. These are much bigger and although the first I tried was a bit chewy, when cooked right (which the rest were) it’s really tasty. They have a very meaty taste and the spice gives them a lovely kick.

Duck Hearts

Midway through, a break from all the meats and instead a cheese filled pepper. Colourfully presented with a slight hint of charred taste, I think this crepe cheese green pepper is my favourite on the menu. Sometimes the simplest of things work the best.

Yakitori cheese filled pepper

Forth, another first for me: Gyutanox tongue with black and white sesame and horseradish. I was excited to try these but at the same time apprehensive. Turned out they’re really delicious, sort of a sausage style consistence and taste. Phoebe and Tine weren’t as big fans so I needed up eating their pieces too.

Ox Tongue

To finish the evening we had Tsukune chicken meatballs with ginger, chives and egg yolk. The egg yolks are super colourful and really rich in taste. Th ginger gives a lovely sushi taste to the meatballs. My second favourite dish of the evening.

Chicken Meatballs

All dishes come served with slices of cucumber. A fresh and moreish palette cleanser in between each meat. I loved all the dishes served, a great combination of different flavours and textures. Another great thing is that it’s low on carbs but you still walk away full. Comfortable full, not swelled up on carbs.

Aside form more of their intriguing food events, I’m excited to go back and try their brunch menu. It looks incredible!!! Check out their full menu and list of upcoming events on their website.

Have you had Yakitori before? Would you try ox tongue or duck hearts if you got the chance?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited by Iroko to try their Japanese themed foodie night in return for this post. All photos, views and words are my own.