Cielo Blanco Margarita bar

Cielo Blanco is celebrating #WorldTequilaDay all weekend and I was one of the lucky people to attend their press event on Thursday evening. I also got to bring a friend and who better than my lovely colleague who’s recently set up her own blog: Gloria’s World.

Cielo Blanco – Mexican restaurant

We headed in to town straight after work so we wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun. We arrived at Cielo Blanco in Trinity Leeds and were greeted by lovely staff who asked us to take a seat in their outdoor seating area.

Cielo Blanco in Leeds

I’ve never been to Cielo Blanco before but I will definitely be back. It’s a great Mexican restaurant and I can promise their new menu is a killer. You won’t go hungry from here and your taste buds will dance around having a party in your mouth even after leaving the place.

Grapefruit and strawberry margaritas

We were served lovely margaritas all night. They had lots of fruits to choose from and I reckon we came up with really nice combinations. First up we tried grapefruit and strawberry. It was good we were recommended to add strawberries or it would have been too sour. Because grapefruit is very liquidly this cocktail was quite icy. Still very nice and refreshing and we could taste the lovely tequila.

Cielo Blanco Margarita barJennie drinking margarita Grapefruit and strawberry margaritaGloria from Gloria's World

Mango and papaya margaritas

Second up we tried a more tropical combination with papaya and mango. It felt like we were on summer holiday drinking this. A lot smoother than the first one, and no doubt my favourite of the evening. As we were enjoying or second pitcher of margaritas we also got a chance to try food from their upcoming menu.

Mango and papaya margarita

Food from Cielo Blanco’s new menu

First up we had mini tacos with pork marinated in pineapple and garnished with onions and coriander. I love coriander in every food I eat. If I spot in on  the menu that’s the meal I order. The tacos were lovely, perfect little snack food.

Mini tacos

After those we were served lamb chop marinated in a special sauce which I’ve forgot the name of now. That was also garnished with coriander so a second winner. The last food we tried was vegetarian quesadillas with mushroom, cheese and guess what – coriander! I can’t wait to go back and eat full portions of all this food.

Lamb chop and quesadilla

Kiwi and strawberry margaritas

We were the last people standing from the press event and celebrated with a third pitcher of margaritas with kiwi and strawberry.

Kiwi and strawberry margarita

It was really nice and I had a great time out with my friend chatting away over gorgeous drinks and food. I’m surprised we weren’t more tipsy after three pitchers but I felt fine, just slightly tired the morning after.

Have you been to Cielo Blanco? Did you celebrate #worldtequiladay?

Jennie xx