Women's Running 10k

It’s a week and a bit since I completed Women’s Running 10k in Temple Newsam. It was their first visit to Leeds and also the last race in their 10k series this year. I was really excited to run the race and that it would be in Temple Newsam, rather than along boring Kirkstall Road like most other Leeds based 10ks.

I had been training prior to the run and the week before, my long run felt really good and I thought I’d be able to reach my aim – finish just under an hour. This did not happen and I was really upset with myself passing the finish line. In fact, I even cursed at myself and said I’d never go running again. Since then, I have been for a run, signed up for another 10k and I’ve realised that the Women’s Running race was in fact a great achievement for me.

Women's Running 10k outfit

Why Women’s Running 10k was a disappointment

I didn’t have a good start, it was a narrow path so I had real problems running past other runners and finding my own pace. The floor was wet which meant that some wooden and gravelled parts were slippery, not to mention all the mud which I was gliding around in. Worst part, all the hills! I had been warned prior to the start it would be lots of hills but I didn’t expect them to take up half the run. We did two laps of the same course so the second lap was even worse. I prefer one long stretch than having to run the same parts twice. By the second time, I know exactly where I have been and what I have left and the knowing plays tricks on me.

Women's running 10k Temple Newsam

As I mentioned, I didn’t finish under the hour. In fact, it took me 68 minutes before I crossed the finish line. This is one of the worst times I’ve ever clocked for a 10k. I had imagined being very close to my goal but in fact, I had 1.5 or so kilometers left to run when my app told me I’d been running for an hour. Such a massive disappointment. I sort of stopped running then and there but soon realised I couldn’t give up so easily so I completed the run, in no way or form gracefully, but I did it.

Why Women’s Running 10k  was an achievement

I finished a very hilly 10k race in 68 minutes!!! It’s faster than the first official 10k I ever did and this course was really hard work compared to Kirkstall Road. I’m not used to hilly running. I might come across smaller ones now and again but I’ve never before run a race where it’s up hill half the time. Surprisingly, where I go running in Leeds it’s pretty flat. I’m also not used to running on grass, in mud or on gravel paths. Living far away from decent parks I have to settle running on roads and pavements which hardly get wet or slippery so I don’t have to think of where I put my feet. Considering all these obstacles, I think I did a great job finishing in 68 minutes. Go me!

Women's Running 10k photo shoot

Did you take part in any of the Women’s Running 10k races this year? What do you consider an achievement and a disappointment when completing a run?

Jennie xx