Logo for Watermelon Wishlist

For a long while I’ve been craving these watermelon sweets and when I went to Sweden last week I was finally able to get hold of them. I bought a big bag of them to bring back.

Three watermelon sweets

Unfortunately all of them are gone now and I just want more. I’m not sure what’s got into me but I want everything with watermelon at the moment. It seems to be a popular theme for products as well and here I’ve listed what I’d love to own at the moment.

Products with watermelon print

1. Coral Banded Halter Bikini Top and Bottom, £38 + £23 | Freya Lingerie   2. Necklace and matching earrings, £14 + £8 | Onetenzeroseven   3. Breezer Watermelon | Bacardi   4. Pink Watermelon Zip Top Purse, £3.99 | New Look   5. Cucumber Melon Body Lotion, $11 | Bath & Body Works   6. iPhone 6 Case, £7.68 | Etsy   7. Watermelon Nail Polish, £8 | Essie   8. Pocket mirror, £6 | Accessorize   9. Watch, £28 | Cakes with Faces

Do you own any watermelon products? What’s your fruit crush at the moment?

Jennie xx