Wine tasting information

Every second month we have a social with work and this month it was wine tasting. I’ve only been to one wine tasting before and that was at a vineyard in New Zeeland. I understood that this would be different but it was unusual not having a person talking about the different wines.

Lazy Lounge

I’ve never been to Lazy Lounge before but it’s a lovely little pub near the train station in Leeds. I can highly recommend it. Lovely outdoor standing area and the indoors area looks very homey and cosy, like a lazy lounge should.

Lazy Lounge outsideLazy lounge inside

We had the upstairs area booked out where we were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and lots of information on how to taste wine and what wines we would be trying during the evening. The five wines were placed in chilled buckets, numbered so that we would know the name and grape. The last wine wasn’t named, it was a secret wine we all had to guess its origin and grape at the end of the night.

Wine tasting information Glass of Prosecco

The wines

1. So the first wine we tried was an Italian Prosecco. I love most Proseccos, can’t really taste the difference. I especially like to flavour them with a little splash of liqueur in there, such as Chambord.

White wines

2. Continuing on whites the second wine was again from Caldora, Italy. The name of the grape reminded me of Joey Tribbiani from Friends so if I ever were to produce a wine on the Trebbiano grape I would name it ‘How you Doin’?’

3. The third wine was also a white wine, this time from Saint Clair, New Zeeland. A very fruity wine which you could tell already by smelling it. I normally don’t enjoy white wines and especially not fruity ones but i can highly recommend this. I first thought it smelled a bit like elderflower but the taste is actually gooseberry and passion fruit. Not too sickly sweet so I wouldn’t mind drinking this again.

4. The last white wine is a Spanish wine from Vina Real. I can’t remember drinking white wines from Spain before and I probably won’t do it again. It was very strong and rough going down my throat. I normally like grapefruit but this time it didn’t do me much good.

Red wines

5. The first red wine was from Louis Guntrum, Germany. Another surprise as I would normally associate Germany with white wines. This was very fruity and sweet but out of the red wines on the night it was my favourite.

6. The last red wine on the list was Australian, from the Berton Vineyard and it was also the strongest, 14.5% I normally go for wines that are from outside of Europe but I must say the German one was better.

7. The last red wine, the mysterious wine was really hard to guess the origin and grape. Some people were clever and checked out The Lazy Lounge’s wine list online to eliminate which one it could be. I was certain it was a European wine but guessed Spain instead of Italy. The grape I don’t remember, something I’ve never heard of.

Cheese board

All in all a good night but if you do decide to go make sure you spend the extra little budget so that you get an expert telling you how to taste the wines and tell you a bit more about them. I on the other hand never say no to free wine and cheese so thanks for a great night!

What’s your experience on wine tasting?

Jennie xx