Veeno Wellington Place

If you’re looking for a place where you can wind down after a hectic day or week at work, Veeno is perfect. Veeno’s wine cafes are spreading like wildfire across England at the moment and in Leeds we’re lucky to have two of them. There’s the smaller bar in city centre and since late last year also a bigger venue at Wellington Place. This is where I attend their Selezione wine tasting with lots of other fab local bloggers and friends.

Veeno entranceVeeno bar

I was surprised to see that this venue is so big compared to the one in city centre but it was a pleasant surprise. I do like the intamacy you get at the cafe in town but with this being sectioned off into separate open rooms you get that too but don’t have to worry not getting a table. This also has a separate room for wine tasting which looked pretty cool. Unfortunately we weren’t able to fit in that room but I was happy to sit high up with a wine crate as table and wine bottles as lamps – #interiorgoals.

Timpune Grillo

The Selezione wine tasting includes six different wines (two whites, one rose, two reds and a dessert wine) but Veeno offers smaller wine tastings as well depending on what you want to get out of the experience. In this wine tasting package, different nibbles accompanied for each wine are also included in the £26.90/person price.

I didn’t have any problems drinking all the wines we were served but I did end up leaving with two favourites; the rose and the first red wine. I usually order a glass of rose if I’m out drinking wine or enjoying a glass at home. I’ve had far too much white wine in my uni days and now find most of them too sour and even though I enjoy red wines, I find it hard to drink much of it on its own. Rose is the perfect middle for me.

The rose we tried is the house rose (Tasari Syrah) with fruity flavours from strawberry, cherry and pomegranate. A really nice and easy drinking combination. The first red (Sachia Perricone) was my absolute favourite of the evening. It has flavours of red fruits and licqourice which might be why I really like it. I’m a sucker for licquorice! Served with bresaola it was a match made in heaven. I’ll be back for more of this.

Tasari Syrah and Speck hamSicani Perricone and Bresaola ham

The other wines we tried were Timpune Grillo (white), Corte Ferro Zibibbo (white), Cutaja Nero d’Avola (red) and Tagos Grillo (white dessert wine). I quite like dessert wines but because I’m not a fan of Tiramisu (the coffee flavour) I found this wine very sweet on its own. It had a nice colour though and served in a mini wine glass it looked adorable.

Cutaja Nero d'Avola and Gorgonzola cheeseTagos Grillo and Tiramisu

This isn’t the first wine tasting I’ve attended but I must say the most professional. I guess when a  cafe mainly focus on wine, they’re bound to be good at it. If you’re looking for a wine tasting session I can really recommend Veeno. If you already know what wines you like and simply want to wine(d) down with a bottle or glass in good company, do go here. I promise you won’t regret it.

Have you ever been to Veeno before? What’s your experience of wine tastings?

Jennie xx