Giving up snacks for lent

Lent is over. On Valentine’s Day I decided to give up snacking for lent and 40 days later I realised it’s a very long time. The first couple of days are the worst, whatever it is you decide to give up. For me, an addiction I have and I’d like to control. Addiction might sound like a stretch but it must be when snacks is something I could easily eat every day. And not just one square of chocolate or a handful of crisps each time. No, it would easily be a full bar or a bag, until it’s all gone.

Easter chocolate

I’m very proud of myself for giving up snacks and treats offered on a daily basis in the office. I’ve stuck to it since January last year so well over a year now and still going strong. I did hope with lent this year, I’d be able to extend it to my home as well. Sadly, I caved but I’ve done far better than I would normally. During the 40 days of lent I’ve only had snacks once or twice. I never bought anything new but a cupboard half full is very easy to open when you’ve had a shit day or just feel bored.

Yes, you should allow yourself to indulge now and again, but for me it easily leads to more than that. I want to give it up and hopefully, with small steps I’ll get there. I’ve seen the benefits giving it a go over lent and they’re worth it. Here’s my three reasons for wanting to rid snacks forever.

Easter treats

Feeling Better

Already after a couple of weeks I felt much better. I felt lighter and tighter if that makes sense. I’m not sure if I lost any weight, you’d hope so but if not, it at least felt like it.

I’ve gained more energy not snacking. Yes, a snack gives you a fast energy boost but after a while you end up in a worse slump you were in before. I feel happier and more productive as well. I have the energy to do all the things I want in a day.

I feel good and I’m proud of myself for trying hard giving it up. I nearly made it for 40 days and now I’ve got the motivation to try and make it a lifetime decision. I can control myself and anyone can have a relapse, right?!

Looking Healthier

When you feel healthy you also look it. Or in my case anyways. Not being tired means I look refreshed, less dark bags under my eye. Feeling tighter means my skin tightened up and my face got a nicer glow than previously. I’ve not had near as many breakouts like previously either. I look better because I don’t get bloated as much, only when out for massive three course meals, ha.

Saving Money

A chocolate bar or a bag of crisps doesn’t cost much money each time you go to buy it but across a whole year it easily adds up. It’s like when you go to IKEA or Primark. You add lots of cheap things in the basket as you think it’s not much but when you come to the counter to pay, it costs you a fortune.

I probably won’t see the money I save unless I put something in my savings account each time I fancy a treat or add the amount of money I would have spent on snacks every time I go to the shops. That’s another challenge to add and having a little bit more money never hurts.

Did you give up something for lent this year? How did you get on? Have you got any tips for how I can quit snacks completely?

Jennie xx