Where to Eat in Leeds

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I go out to eat in Leeds a lot and try new places. It’s great because when I get visitors coming over, like my parents the other weekend, I know where to take them. My parents have visited before but what seems like a million new places have popped up since then. We ate out a lot over the four days that they were here so I thought I’d share a post with some of our highlights.

Breakfast at If Coffee

If Coffee interior If Coffee breakfast

If Coffee is a recent discovery of mine and I love it here. It’s so pretty with all the plants everywhere and the small but well planned space has a personality compared to many places ending up looking the same. True interior goals!Β The food is another reasons to go, so pretty and delicious. I again went for the Eggs Royal and my parents the Full English. The sourdough bread you get with it is beautiful!

They open up at 10am and soon after that they fill up so if you want to grab a table, make sure to be on time.

Sunday Roast at Whitelocks

Whitelocks Sunday Roast Sunday Roast

Whitelocks isn’t the first place I’d think of to go and eat, it’s a pub I come to for nice beer, great atmosphere and lively beer garden (when the sun is out).

When I was recommended to go here for a Sunday roast it made sense that the oldest pub in Leeds (over 300 years) would serve the best roast in the city and it’s true. My parents thoroughly enjoyed it and I did too! I even finished the massive Yorkshire pudding. Yep, I normally find them unnecessary but this one I really enjoyed so perhaps by me becoming British I’ve developed a taste for them. There’s a choice of beef, chicken or lamb which all come with all the trimmings.

If there’s one place to go for Sunday roast in Leeds, it’s here. You can’t book a table in advance so I recommend arriving at 12pm on the dot.

Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie

Patisserie Valerie Patisserie Valerie Scones

Years and years ago I visited Patisserie Valerie in city centre but there’s a much bigger cafe of their on the way home to my flat which we went to. We couldn’t fit a full afternoon tea after our Sunday roast earlier but you can’t visit England without treating yourself to scones, can you? Sadly, they don’t offer them with clotted cream, this is something you have to order separately. Also, I wish you could get a plain scone without having to order the full afternoon tea. Next time I’ll say I’m allergic to raisins and sultanas so I don’t have to pick every single one out. Despite this, I very much enjoyed our visit.

Dinner at George’s Great British Kitchen

Fish & ChipsPaprika Fish & ChipsLemon Sherbet cocktailIce Lolly Cocktail

I’ve been here once before, only for a cocktail. Not just any cocktail though, a funky one with lots of candy floss. George’s Great British Kitchen is all about a fun and modern twist on seaside classics. I grew up at the Swedish seaside which is very different to the British seaside so I might not get all nostalgic about the whole menu but I still appreciate it.

My dad went for a more traditional fish and chips whereas my mum and I tried the piri piri version. The fish even looks like chicken when it comes out on the plate. And yes, that’s cheese on the chips!! There’s a fish and chip curry version as well which I’d like to try next time. I’ll be back because the service is great, food delicious and the cocktails are so much fun. Again, I enjoyed a candy floss one, this time the Lemon Sherbet but I think my dad hit the jackpot ordering ‘Fab’, an ice lolly cocktail. Such a lovely and moreish strawberry taste.

If you book in advance, make sure to ask for a beach hut table to get the full seaside ecperience.

Have you been to any of these restaurants in Leeds, what do you think of them? Where should I take new visitors next?

Jennie xx