Eat in Dublin

I don’t think Dublin is known for its food culture so I didn’t have any specific dishes I wanted to try prior to going. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they eat a lot of seafood, which I love. Thinking about it now, it makes perfect sense as it’s a seaside city. Here’s my favourite eats from Dublin.

Crabby Jo’s

Again, I can’t recommend going to Howth enough if you’re ever in Dublin. If you like the seaside and seafood this is the perfect spot. Along the harbour all the fisherman’s restaurants are lined up. Unfortunately, VERY pricey but what can you expect when it’s fresh fish? As much as I love a good tuna steak I wasn’t prepared to pay half my travel budget for one so instead we went for the take away option from Crabby Jo’s. We enjoyed the tastiest scampi ever!

The portion is loaded with a dozen or so scampi, covered in flavoured batter. Of course they are laid on a bed of chips but the massive scampi filled me up so I only had a couple. My mum shared most of hers with the greedy seagulls. It was quite amusing to see them in action but I prefer including another harbour picture instead. So much prettier.

Crabby Joe's ScampiHowt harbour

The Workshop

In the same building as the Red Squirrel wall art you find a Gastro Pub called The Workshop. It doesn’t look much from the outside and maybe hasn’t the best spot in town but it’s lovely inside and the food is really nice.

Here we enjoyed a late lunch, sharing a plate of mussels and an omelette. For the omelette, you choose three fillings including meats, vegetables and cheeses. We had salmon, mushroom and mature cheddar. It was really nice and fills you up a bit more compared to the mussels, even though they are huge and so so tasty. The bread is best enjoyed dipped in the white wine and cream sauce. I could have eaten it on it’s own like soup.

Mussels seem to be a bit of a Dublin speciality so I’m happy we had some. They’re on most pub and restaurant menus.

The Workshop Dublin Mussels rose wine

Queen of Tarts

I’d heard of Queen of Tarts before going and on our way to the Guinness factory, we stumbled on it. Not in the mood for something sweet at the time, we decided to come back a couple of days later. They have two locations in Dublin but we went to the one opposite the Castle, on Dame Street.

The cafe super cute and you can tell a lot of love that goes in to every single bake, I could have eaten so many things. The lemon meringue pies looked amazing and the variations of crumbles sounded delicious. But, because of the brand name, a tart had to be consumed. A pear and almond chocolate tart to be exact. It’s served with a little pot of whipped cream and it was needed to make it a little bit lighter and not so dry. The chai latte was super tasty as well, very creamy. One of the better I’ve drunk.

Queen of Tarts Tart Tart and chai latte

What type of food do you like to eat when you go on holiday/travel to a new place? Have you got any nice recommendations of where to eat in Dublin?

Jennie xx