Breakfast in Copenhagen

I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal of the day. When we were heading to Copenhagen, I had no doubt in my mind they do breakfast as well as us Swedes do. I mean, they are killing it with smørrebrød and pastry.

I’ve been to Copenhagen before, but never to stay over so this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a couple of breakfasts over there. I’m ready to go back and have more, once I’ve saved up a little bit money (spoiler alert – Denmark is EXPENSIVE).

We had the pleasure of staying in Copenhagen for two nights, which meant two delicious breakfasts. I can highly recommend to try the hotel breakfast (at least from our hotel, Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden) and also to venture out and try the breakfast at one of the many cafés that offer breakfast. We ended up in Granola, and I was in breakfast heaven.


Granola is a little café in Vesterbro, on a side street to Vesterbrogade. We lived very nearby so it was a very convenient choice. First, we walked down to Mad & Kaffe but they were full and had 6 groups of people in line to get served. We were hungry so walked back up to Granola and I’m not sorry at all. A less pretentious, hip place with the best breakfast plate ever.

Hot Chocolate

We opted for the Big Breakfast Plate which included soft boiled egg, ham, sausage, cheese, jam, baked tomatoes, Skyr with granola and fruit, rye bread and white bread. We also got two drinks, hot and cold. We both had orange juice but since I don’t drink coffee nor tea, I had a hot chocolate.

Granola Breakfast

The hot chocolate came out quickly and after one sip, I couldn’t resist drinking it all. Real chocolate so you can’t blame me it went down in a couple of sips – so delicious! The orange juice was freshly pressed and the jam, I’m sure was homemade. I’ve never had  such a delicious egg before in my life. It was perfectly boiled (food orgasm right there!) and it had so much taste.

Egg yolk

THe full breakfast didn’t look like much when it came out on the plate but after not being able to finish it all (sorry!) I was happyily content for a long time walking around shopping in Copenhagen.

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden

It was nice deciding to eat at the hotel on the last morning we had. It meant we could enjoy it in our own pace and not having to worry checking out and walking around with our bags longer than we had to. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed lots of hotel breakfasts in my life, so it’s easy to say this must have been one of the best breakfast spreads I’ve ever come across. Look at all the options!!!

Hotel breakfastBread and pastry

Any drink you like – different flavoured juices, coffee, tea, smoothies – yes, smoothies. A massive bowl of vanilla flavoured yoghurt to top with fresh fruit salad, granola, cornflakes in different flavours and lots of fun toppings like seeds and honey coated almonds – mmm! Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bread (rye bred is the best), cheese till you die, cured meats and vegetable. And of course, pastry! I’m sure I’ve missed something out…

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden Breakfast

I stayed full on this massive breakfast for a very long time. Perfect for a long journey home to Leeds.

Both these breakfast had similar price. Go to Granola if you fancying something different and the best flavours. A hotel breakfast is perfect for the massive water as its buffet style and you can eat as much a single you want.

Have you been to Copenhagen? What’s your favourite place to eat breakfast?

Jennie xx