What's in my gym bag

I feel like I live in my gym bag. Most days I go to the gym, before work or during the lunch hour. I also cycle to work which means I can’t bring the biggest gym bag to fit it all. My Kånken bag is a life saviour: it’s the perfect size to fit everything I need but I have to think carefully how I pack it all. This picture only shows a snapshot of what I bring but it didn’t all fit in one shot 🙂 Anyway, whilst I’m being fitness good, I thought I’d share what my little Kånken bag is carrying around to make my healthy and active life a lot easier.

Gym bag flatlay

Highlighter & Mascara – Models Own

Shampoo & Conditioner – TRESemme

Spray deodorant – Mitchum

Shoes – Nike

Kånken – Fjällräven

Snack bars – Clif

Top – Karrimor

Sports Bra – Marks & Spencer

Leggings – USA Pro


As I cycle some days, I’m already in my gym wear to and from work. This makes it trickier to pack as jeans takes up more space than a pair of gym leggings etc. For these days, a dress and leggings is a good shout as it takes less space. I double check I always bring a bra and underwear a couple of times before setting off. I twice forgot my bra so I’ve tried both braless and sports bra days at work and none of them are comfy. Never again!


Toiletries and makeup

Travel size products are the best, or even small samples which sometimes are provided in magazines come in handy to save space. A perfume bottle would take up too much space but a sample or roll on bottle fits perfectly. Instead of buying empty refillable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, I use the travel size first to then fill up with whatever shampoo/conditioner/shower gel as I go. Why spend the same money on an empty bottle when you can buy one that’s already filled? Also no confusion which bottle contains the shampoo or conditioner 🙂


A standard makeup bag is all I bring. Luckily I tend to always go for a natural look so I don’t need too much makeup on a regular basis: primer, powder foundation, highlighter, blush and mascara. If I feel like brighten it up I’ll add a colourful lipstick. If I needed more than three brushes I’d be in trouble for bag space.


Cliff healthy bars

I mentioned in my motivational post for exercising in the morning that I bring a snack to eat from between cycling and gyming. There’s no way I could fit a healthy smoothie or similar in my bag so protein bars it is. I usually by Hike from Aldi but now also tried Clif* which are really nice. They’re like a granola bar, almost like a flapjack but better. So many flavours to choose from as well: blueberry, peanut butter, coconut, macadamia nuts etc. The fit perfectly in the side pocket and as I only need a third each time, the last a long time.

The one thing that takes up most space in the bag is my towel. If you’ve got any recommendations on small towels that will leave more space for other things but still works for full body and hair shower please let me know.

What do you bring in your gym bag?

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own