Weekly Update 53

It’s time for a weekly update again. I took a break during blogmas as that was a handful to say the least. I’m very happy though that I did it, but never again, haha. This week has been a lot quieter, something I’m very thankful for, mostly because it’s still been great!


1-2. I could easily get used to having two bank holidays per week, especially the Monday and Friday to make the weekends seem extra long. The bank holiday Monday started off really well with a new hair cut and some Christmas/birthday drinks with a good friend. Leeds had a lot of bars and pubs to choose from so we had plenty of drinks. I’ve never been to Manahatta before, a really cool bar on Merrion Street. I love the interiors, especially all the colourful glass bottles but also the round dark turquoise leather sofas. I’ve had better cocktails but it was nice to feel posh for a while in one of their booths.

Birthday Celebrations

3-4. As mentioned, it’s been my birthday this week. The day before New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have anything special planned but it turned out to be an amazing day. My colleagues treated me very well with chocolate cake for breakfast and kept me company at lunch. I was also given a bottle of Vodka as a birthday gift, appropriately a Swedish Absolut Vodka.

Food and drinks

5-6. In the evening I went out for a meal with my house mate and a couple of friends. We enjoyed a two course meal at Pieminister. I’ve written about them before here, and I still love it! This time I had Moo & Blue (Steak and Stilton Pie) and a Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert. talk about walking out round as a pie afterwards!

New Year’s Eve

7. New Year’s Eve isn’t as a big of a celebration in the UK as in Sweden. I’m not too fussed but I do prefer a night in, in good company, than going out on town paying ridiculous money for taxis, drinks and having to elbow yourself through a crowd of people, anywhere you’re going. We had a nice night in with some friends coming over to ours for drinks, TV, music, chat and one fire work. It was the perfect night to also use the cinema box my lovely friend gave me for Christmas.

Cinema Box

The rest of the weekend has been very chilled so I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow again. How has your week been? Happy New Year!

Jennie xx