Weekly Update #48

It’s first of advent today so only 4 weeks left till Christmas. It’s soon time for blogmas to start. Who else is doing it? For those who might not know it’s a challenge to write a post each day in December, leading up to Christmas. I’ve taken the challenge but the weekly updates will still continue as I won’t just focus on Christmas things in December. Here’s what happened in week 48.

Running outfit and LFI logo

1. I’m finally back running again after the Abbey Dash. It was nice to have a week’s rest but I’m glad to be back again, not leaving it too long to loose the stamina. The first run went a lot better than I thought, it almost felt natural running 5k. It’s gone a lot colder so it was time to bring out the winter running gear. I haven’t used them for a long while and it was nice to notice they fit me a lot better than a year ago. I think I’m starting to get fit, ha!

2. Leeds Fashion Initiative invited me to their launch party, bringing fashion back to Leeds. It was lovely arranged in Leeds City Museum with lots of people in the industry, friends of the models and me. That’s how it felt like but luckily, lovely fellow blogger, Queen Beady, was there so I didn’t have to feel lost. We had a good catch-up before listening to good talks and being shown lots of gorgeous clothes on the runway. More on all this in a separate post next week.

Sushi, seabass, english breakfast

3. The first half of the weekend was spent in London. Since it wasn’t that long ago since I had food at Kings Cross, I chose sushi this time around. It’s easier to take away as it’s already boxed up. We didn’t have time to stay at the station to eat as we wanted as much time as possible in the hotel to get ready.

4. At the Vuelio Blog Awards I got even more fish to eat. I bloody love fish so I was happy. We had king prawns, mussels and seabass for the main. A really well organised event with gorgeous food and drinks. I dressed up for the event and you can find out more about the outfit here.

5. I can never decide if the best part about staying in a hotel are the cushions or if it’s the breakfast. We didn’t have time to enjoy a lie in this time around so at this hotel the breakfast was the best thing. I enjoyed a hot breakfast, skipped all the yoghurts and cereals as I eat that regularly in the weekdays anyway. Lots of protein did me good from the previous night’s drinks and I knew I’d last the whole train journey back home.

How’s your week been?

Jennie xx