Weekly Updates 44

So I’m trying out a new feature here on the blog – a weekly update. I’ve realised that there are so many more things I get up to which wouldn’t need a whole post but that I still like to share with you. From now on, every Sunday I will share what I have been up to during the week. Here’s my weekly update for week number 44.

Instagram pictures

1. I bought a new pair of running shoes. Finally a decent pair instead of cheap ones I need to change every 3-4 months. I went to the Asics store and it was really fun running on the treadmill, finding out what type of runner I am and what shoes suits me best. The guy who helped me was really nice and he said I have one of the most natural running styles he has seen. Go me!

2. I enjoyed food from Rolo Wala for the first time. Indian street food with a regular stand in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds. Check them out if you haven’t already. Perfect pre-cinema food. We went to see Spectre, not the best out of the Bond films but still worth going to see.

3. I was ill for a couple of days and the best cure for a soar throat is definitely Ben & Jerry’s. My favourite flavour is Phish Food. What’s yours?

4. I’ve been looking forward to the November issue of Elle to come out so that I could get my hands on Benefit’s they’re Real Tinted Primer. I’m loving it!

Instagram pictures for Halloween

5-6. I decided to dress up a little for Halloween. I had a couple of white zombie lenses lying around that had to be used. I’ve never worn lenses before but it was a lot easier to apply than I thought. I’m not queasy when it comes to touching my eyes or eye balls so no problem. Unfortunately only one of the lenses was good enough to use but I think that was enough to look scary.

7. I received my first Nailbox order and loved it! A proper review will come on the blog in a couple of weeks. I’ve tried everything I received and I love the colour combination, perfect for Autumn!

8. Finishing off the week with a Sunday Roast Dinner. We went to The Reliance, it’s an old pub but I have never been before. It’s a bit out of place from city centre but definitely worth a visit. I loved the presentation and the vegetarian option with stuffed onion looked amazing too.

What have you been up to this week?

Jennie xx