Weekly Update 33

The weekly update posts are back! I scheduled in a couple of other posts over the last Sunday’s as I’ve been on holiday in Sweden (pics from there in this post) and my mum came to visit here for a bit as well.

Coming back to work from holiday has been exhausting. I didn’t think it would be that bad but it was. I also seemed to have forgotten half of the tasks I do every day, all day. I suppose it just proves I made the most of my two weeks off – relaxing and enjoying the time away from daily chores in general.

Women's Running goody bag

The week’s been quiet, catching up with my own blog but also finishing off reading the food nominated blogs in Bloggers Blog Awards. I wrote a post about my experience reading all these fantastic blogs. Since that was written, I’ve learnt I was actually nominated in the social media category and I was chuffed to find out. I’m intrigued to know who nominated me as it was a lovely reason given as to why. “Gets to know people and takes time to chat. Really approachable and supportive.” How bloody nice is that to hear!!! I’ll keep doing what I do on social media then. I might not be there 24/7 but when I am, you know I put in 200%.

I received some nice packages over the week, a goody bag from Women’s Running included. It’s only 6 weeks left till the Leeds 10k so I need to get myself back in gear for it. I’ve not been running for a long while, at least I keep up with my cycling to work and I did a lot of walking over the holiday. It’s not too late for you to also join us on the 2nd of October, sign up here if you dare! Use my code ‘LBJWR16‘ for 15% off.

Hairstyle & Gin Collins

I’ve been wearing buns more and more often, because I love them so. I tried having them a bit higher up than normal yesterday and it’s safe to say I think they work too. They might be the same buns but being able to change and having them on different heights (high, middle and low) feels like three different hairstyles, ha!

Today is a write-off. I’ve been out drinking two nights in a row – catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s been totally worth it but my head’s not where it should be today so I’m not doing half of the things I originally planned. I believe I’ll order a takeaway later and spend the day watching Stranger Things. Have you seen it? I’m excited to give it a go.

Jennie xx