Weekly Update #29

This week, you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I have been sharing a couple of pictures featuring different Volvic waters. They’re running a campaign at the minute, #RevealYourFlavour, encouraging people to share their favourite flavour, along with a revelation not many others know about or simply something that makes one happy. I’m sharing my revelation with you in this post. I’m an open book so it was hard to think of something not everyone know and I’m pretty sure that many still knows this one. Since the whole Reveal Your Flavour campaign started with Tom Daley revealing he’s not great at swimming, I thought I’d stick with the sports theme.

Volvic Touch of Fruit

Volvic Touch of Fruit

I was sent four different flavours to try: Lemon & Lime, Strawberry, Summer Fruits and Orange & Peach*. Each bottle came with a revelation statement but none of them really fit me (I pretended during the week on Instagram). Sure, i have thought about becoming a pop star in my younger years but being tone deaf makes that impossible and therefor I’m certainly not a Karaoke King, although I sometimes sing to myself when no one else is around.

When seeing the bottles, I immediately thought I’d enjoy Lemon & Lime the most as I love everything with a taste of lemon or lime, always so fresh. Unfortunately, this water left me with a bitter and artificial after taste. I will have to say that Summer Fruits is my favourite but I also like the sound of Cherry and Tropical which neither I have had a chance to try yet.

Volvic quotes

Revealing My Flavour

I have already revealed that Summer Fruits is my favourite of the four I got to try and if I had a bottle of my own, it would say “Cycling Makes Me Feel Free”. I have been cycling more or less my whole life and I can’t think of many more situations where I feel completely free. Not owning a bicycle in Sweden is like not owning a car in America.

I remember, or maybe I only think I do after seeing pictures, when I first learnt how to cycle without support wheels and the orange flag I had at the back of my bike cycling in my childhood neighbourhood, so that cars could see me over the hedges.

I can’t count how many rides I’ve done to and from school during my teenage years. Come rain, come shine and knee deep high snow my bike has been my best friend, taking me places. In Leeds it’s different, being a cyclist isn’t as natural but I’m happy to see that more and more people are cycling and I think Tour De France a couple of years ago helped with the awareness of cycling. I haven’t cycled in 2-3 years or so but took it up again over the past week and I realised how much I’ve missed it. I love cycling, it makes me feel free! I can go where ever I want, whenever I want and there’s no better feeling than going down a hill, not having to pedal and just enjoy the ride!


What’s your flavour? Have you found any other fun revelations on Volvic’s Touch of Fruit bottles?

Jennie xx

*PR Samples. All my views are my own.