Weekly Update #28

I can’t believe we’re already half way through July. We’re now well under way in the second half of the year. The other day, we received the ‘save the date’ e-mail for this year’s work Christmas Party. It’s absolutely madness, especially because I still remember the party we had nearly two years ago as it happened yesterday.

Exploring new surroundings

As you know, I recently moved to a flat complex situated in between the canal and river. It’s lovely walking and cycling along the canal to get to and from town, makes it feel extra close. Really close to my home, I’ve found some really cool artwork. I love colourful walls and interesting graffiti (the hand with the match is actually from a wall in Urban Outfitters). There are lots of quirky areas around the canal to explore which makes me more inclined to venture out on a sunny day.

Urban street art

Practising fashion photography

One evening, fashion blogging expert Maria came around for an evening of just that – fashion photography for our blogs. She’s a natural and all her pictures looked fab whereas I need a bit more practise when it comes to modelling. You’ll see the best ones in my Tuesday post coming up. I have managed to take some of my own fashion photos though which have done really well on Instagram. Both managed to get more than 100 likes each on Instagram, which is a great achievement for me!

Fashion photography

In general, I’ve been feeling a bit tired this week and I think it’s because I’ve been getting a lift to and from work everyday as my bike had to go though a thorough repair. I’ll be back cycling from tomorrow and onward and I’m positive it’ll improve my energy levels and feeling more alert.

How’s your week been? Have you enjoyed the sun?

Jennie xx