Weekly Update 27

I can’t believe it! Where does the time fly away to? I feel like it was only yesterday I shared the last weekly update with you but it’s actually a week ago and now it’s time again.

Run For All

This week has had a focus on Run For All’s 10k race in Leeds and today was the day when I actually got to run it. I didn’t run it last year, only the Abbey Dash. Back at the end of last year when that took place I cut down my finish time from 71 to 64 minutes so I was really hoping to complete today’s race around an hour and so I did! I finished on 61 something minutes and at first I was disappointed that I didn’t do it under the hour. Now I’m fine, continuing cutting down in time each race I do is a bloody good achievement and besides, I’ve got another chance in October when I’m running a 10k in Leeds as part of Women’s Running Magazine’s 10k series. If you’re interested they have spaces left and you get a 15% discount with LBJWR16, so what you waiting for?

Now that I live further away from work than walking distance I took up cycling again and it felt good, apart from the hills (only up hill). I have however handed it in to be repaired as the breaks aren’t 100% and the back wheel is a bit wobbly. I don’t want to have any unnecessary accidents happening so will leave it until it’s properly fixed.

I also tried a new smoothie this week, so easy and quick to make and it turned out to be a great breakfast snack before a run. All you need is banana, raspberry, vanilla yoghurt and almond milk.

What have you been up to this week?

Jennie x