Weekly Update 26

I’m back with the weekly updates. Sorry I missed you last week but I was so busy with the flat move that I didn’t have time to sit down to write a post but today I have. It’s so nice to finally be fully moved in, lots of little things still left to do but today I’m in need of relaxing activities.

As you probably can guess, this weekly update is all about my move. I received the furniture from Ikea last weekend and put together the sofa straight away. All the other furniture has gradually been put together since Tuesday when everything was moved in from the house. I feel like a natural putting together Ikea furniture, maybe it’s in my Swedish blood to be so good, ha! I’ve already been for another trip to Ikea, to buy some plates and cutlery so that I can eat. The oven isn’t working but luckily the hob is. I opted for mismatched plates and bowls which I love.


One of the first things I also put up was my flamingo shower curtain. Most people are picking up on the fact that I love flamingos. They’re so cute and pink animals are hard to come by, unless in a cartoon. I won’t have too many products with flamingos though, don’t want to become a flamingo lady, ha! I’ve decided for a pink theme in my bathroom and it’s going well so far. I need to buy a cabinet or the likes for it turns out I have loads of beauty and body care products.I cleared out loads when moving but clearly not enough!

The balcony is the only ‘room’ that’s almost fully perfected. I was lucky to spot that one of my neighbours soon moving out needed to get rid of a table, two chairs and his plants. I got it all for a very good price so I’m happy. I was able to sit outside this morning enjoying breakfast in the sun after a long run. I’m planning to paint the chairs and table in white and replace the green cushions for black. Can you sport the flamingos? Ha, I’m not far off from being a flamingo lady, am I!?

City Island

I really enjoy the area this flat is in, it’s gorgeous walking along the canal and also running. I prefer living just outside of city centre rather than in the middle of it so I get to enjoy all the greenery. I think I can live with a 15 minute walk in to city centre.

I am very tired today, body and mind so trying to relax as much as possible. How’s your week been? What you been up to?

Jennie xx