Weekly update #24

It’s been a hectic week again, spending time outside of work eating lovely food and therefor spending money I don’t have but I read a good quote on Twitter yesterday which makes me feel a lot better about myself for it. Because I’ve been out more or less every day of the week, I’ve only had time to go for a run today. I need to step up my game starting next week as the Run For All race is just around the corner. I’m not prepared to run slower than in my last 10k!

A food update is all you’ll get in this weekly update but who doesn’t like to read about food and look at mouth watering pictures? Let’s see what I ate.


2. On Tuesday, my housemates and I finally had a date booked in with two of our former housemates who now have got engaged, whoop! We went to what used to be our local Indian restaurant: Bengal Brasserie. I haven’t been in years, apart from a take away now and again, so it was nice to go again and lovely that the restaurant manager recognised me still. I don’t know if that’s a sign I’m a very nice person, or that I used to go A LOT when I lived around the corner.

Anyhow, we had a lovely meal, as always at this place and a good catch-up on. I used to always order the Mori Mash but for some reason I felt like trying something slightly different. I still stuck to a fish curry and ordered the . Best decision in my life! The best curry I’ve ever had, I was so pleased.

2. On Wednesday, it was time to see what the latest pizza addition to Leeds (MOD) had to offer. Great service and amazing pizzas in short. More about this place in a separate post in the next few weeks so please stay tuned.

3. Trinity Kitchen is one of the best food places in Leeds if there’s a big group of you going out together for lunch. The last couple of times, when the international team at work have been out, this is the places we’ve come to. Saves everyone from complicated bill paying and everyone can enjoy exactly what they want. On Thursday, we went again and most of us feel for the Manchester based street food place Dawgs ‘n’ Steaks. I love a steak me so I couldn’t resist when seeing pictures of theirs, earlier in the week. The chips got a bit soggy and wasn’t salty enough which was disappointing but the steak was superb!

4. Saturday was set aside for #BloggersBall which myself and one of my lovely colleagues went down to work at. We had a great time, finally got to meet Carolin from Style Lingua. I interviewed her a while back so check that out here. After a long day working we needed to fuel up before heading back fully packed on the train to Leeds. I usually go to Benito’s Hat or Wasabi but this time we stopped at The Parcel Yard and I had a really nice meal, Cauliflower Pakora. Maybe not the first food you think of when entering a pub but I fancied it and was not disappointed.

How’s your week been? My goals for next week is to go running more often, eat less and start packing for the big move.

Jennie xx