Weekly Update #22

Summer is finally here. All week I’ve received texts from friends and family from Sweden, saying how warm they are and how nice they have it in the sun – even a bit too nice and warm. I’ve been really jealous but finally the sun reached Leeds too and I’m happy to share a couple of sunny pictures in this weekly update. But let’s start from the beginning.

Exciting News

Last weekend, I went to view a flat. I really liked it (whoop!) and reserved it. I had to fill in a couple of forms and going through a credit check but already on Tuesday morning, everything was cleared. For the first time since I moved to England, I’ll have my own place. I’m so excited so expect me to post a lot about interiors, plans etc. from now on on here but mostly on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t even use Pinterest that much but I’ve started a couple of private boards to get ideas for how I want my place to look like.

Best Burgers in Leeds?

Many people who have been to different burger restaurants in Leeds say that Almost Famous is the best one. My manager at work sits next to me and mention it at least one or two times a week so I’ve been asking when we’re going. It’s taken us month but this week we finally got most of the team together and my Almost Famous virginity was taken. It was so good so I’ll be back. I can truly recommend the River Phoenix burger, I devoured it despite being massive. The Ballpark Fries tasted like a hot dog, which was interesting but I’ll probably go for the Phoenix fries next time and a different burger. Gin Floozy is one of the best gins I’ve had but I’m not sure it’s worth the price getting a cocktail here.

Almost Famous Leeds

Running Plans

I went for a run on Saturday, not the best timing as it was quite warm in the middle of the day. I normally run after work when it’s a bit cooler but since I only had time on Tuesday, second time had to be over the weekend. I’ve signed up for two 10k runs this year, the first is only a month away or so. I have done the #runforall race before with work and thought it would be a good idea to do so again this year. I’m also running a 10k in October, with Women’s Running Magazine. It’s a race solely for women, held on separate dates all over the UK, to help you reach your running goals. If you want to sign up you get 15% discount using this code: LBJWR16 I’m really excited for both these races so you’ll hear more about the training for both.

Summer Sun in Roundhay Park

I’ve spent the whole day in Roundhay Park, tanning and enjoying a small picnic and of course, ice cream. Such a great end to the week and I hope the sun has decided to stay for a while now. What to wear to work tomorrow???

Roundhay Park

How’s your week been? What you been up to today, soaking up as much as possible of the sun?

Jennie xx