Weekly Update #19

The weekly updates are back! So sorry for the break but I wasn’t going to post whilst on holiday and last week, I had too many other things to catch up on. How you’ve been? I’ve had a great first week coming back from holiday so it’s not been too hard returning. The lovely weather last weekend and with it being Eurovision week (my favourite of all year), has softened the blow.

Japanese Food

I’ve mentioned it before, I regularly try and go to Yo Sushi with my dear colleague and we always make sure it’s on a Monday to take advantage of their Blue Monday offer. We had a good catch-up after me being on holiday and her future plans. Yo Sushi has added new dishes to their menu so we tried some of them but also ate our usual.

Saturday stood for birthday lunch at Little Tokyo. I haven’t been since my first year in Leeds so I was excited to go back and try something new. I got the Saba Teriyaki bento box. I wasn’t to keen as the mackerel was smothered in far too much teriyaki sauce but all the other compartments had interesting and lovely food, especially the salad with fresh ginger dressing.

Japanese Food


The Saturday had a very early start! I got picked up at 7.40 to run the Gung-Ho race in Temple Newsam. A 5k run full of inflatable obstacles every 1k or so. It was a great start to the Saturday and we did really well. Prior to the day, I’ve been a bit nervous for Europe’s highest slide but it was so much fun sliding down it and reaching the finish line. I’ll cover more about the race in an upcoming post.

Gung-Ho selfie

Sweet Leeds

When I was away on holiday, I received a little package with chocolate, made in Leeds. I’ve never heard of Lauden chocolate before and it’s probably because it would fit better in a luxurious magazine than in my home. I love the tiling and that each and every one has their separate design. I’ve tried a few of these truffles and they all taste amazing. The truffle inside bust full of taste.

The Leeds Indie Food Festival has started and one of the things I listed to go see, is the City Of Cake installation. It launched in Trinity over the weekend so we went to take a look on Saturday day. I really liked all of the landmark buildings, very dramatic! 80’s colourful sugar paste coating with multicoloured glaze dripping down. My favourite however is the Corn Exchange in full yellow. We got to taste some of the buildings and they taste just as good as they look.

City of Cake


As you might have figured out from earlier this week, I’m a Eurovision fan. I love Eurovision so this has been the best week of the year for me. I can’t explain why I love it so much, it’s been part of my upbringing (Eurovision is mega big in Sweden). I really enjoyed this year’s show, partly because Sweden were hosts and we always do it really well but also because of all songs being really good. It’s been a while since so many took it seriously and that’s why it saddens me Ukraine won. I won’t go into it in too much detail but it’s safe to say, I didn’t even score them one single point last night.

Eurovision points

What have you been up to this week? Did you watch Eurovision and if so, what did you think?

Jennie xx