Weekly Update 10

Sunday funday they call it. Lately, all my Sundays are spent at home, chilling and writing lots of blog posts. It’s indeed a Sunday funday!

Because I get up to a lot of stuff during the week, after work and on Saturdays I think it’s only in my right to take it easy on he Sunday. Looking through this weeks photos, I’ve been up to quite a lot of fun things so with no further ado; here’s my weekly update.

Glasses, food, Primark haul

1. I got my first ever pair of glasses and wore them for the first time on Monday. They’re only to use when I sit at the computer at work so I call them my corporate glasses. Good response from colleagues so I’m happy.

2. A great catch-up with my fellow Swede in Leeds on Monday night. We try to meet up once a month for food and drinks but it’s been a while since last so this was a lovely evening. I had 50% off the food bill at The Turk’s Head so we ordered in loads of different dishes. My personal favourite is the pickled cauliflower with coriander dip. We explored and tried pigs head too, but I didn’t think it tasted that much.

3. I did a mini-haul at Primark. I only went in to get the fairy lights but as usual, I can’t leave without buying other things. I found another pair of glimmering socks in the sale so now I have three pairs in total. I don’t really like to wear sock but these are so nice so I don’t mind. I’ve seen so many people eating and raving about Galaxy’s Golden Eggs so I thought I would pick up a bag and try them for myself to see what the fuss is about. They were gone in minutes, sooo good! They remind me a bit of Minstrels which I love.

Pie, necklace, Nurag Clothing

4. All of Britain has been celebrating British Pie Week so our team at work went to the Bridge Pub and enjoyed their Pie Thursday offer; half price on delicious pies. I’ve had the steak and ale pie before and it’s by far the best – yum, yum.

5-6. I thought it was a bout tie to use my gorgeous skull necklace and it did fit really well with my grey denim vest shirt and black knitted jumper. It was for a special occasion; Nurag’s launch party. Nurag is a fashion brand, designed and created by Joe Ingham who is local to Leeds and has a career in modelling. It’s a very exciting brand he’s created and I loved the artistic theme around the launch. Great night and a lovely time catching-up with one of my former colleagues.

Pizza, cupcake, snacks

7. The best Friday nights involves great company and mouth watering food. I was invited to Ecco Pizzeria’s preview night and oh my was the food gorgeous! They’re opening up in Roundhay on Tuesday so I’ll talk more about the pizzas then, and why I love the restaurant.

8. Another great catch-up on Saturday day time. One of my favourite colleagues decided to leave us for London and I’ve not seen her properly since then, it’s a year ago!!! We went to Headingley and a lovely little café called Love Rouge Bakery. I’ve never been before but would love to go back. So cute and picturesque with delicious cakes.

9. Finally, Sweden decided which song and artist who will represent them in Eurovision Song Contest this year. It’s a nice song but I disagree it should have won. Oh well, I guess it’s for the best as we can’t afford winning again this year. Anyway, I still enjoyed the show and had some snacks and drinks from last week’s blog event to keep me company. The Portlebay Popcorn are really yummy and I can recommend Luscombe‘s Ginger Beer. The Rose drink reminded me too much about perfume and skincare products so I couldn’t finish drinking it.

That’s my week summarised for you. One of the better weeks in a while. What have you been up to?

Jennie xx