Weekly Update 9

Weekly Update #09

It’s been an eventful week, and with that I mean I’ve attended loads of events. This means that next week, starting tomorrow, I’ll be publishing more posts than usual. Spring is a busy month when it comes to blogging but I don’t mind at all. Apart from watching an Icelandic criminal drama series (Trapped), here’s a quick weekly update of what I’ve been up to.

Activewear, lip gloss and manicure

1. As all the events happened at the end of the week, I decided to be healthy and did two runs Monday and Tuesday. Normally I have a days rest in between, to gain new energy but I didn’t have time this week. My Monday run was terrific! I really enjoyed it and I could tell on the finishing time, third best ever. The Tuesday run wasn’t as good but I still powered through the whole way so I’m still proud.

2. I’ve started using a new lip gloss which I picked up in Boots last weekend. It’s a matte lip gloss (should it be called lip matte?) in a peachy colour. Really nice shade and it smells lovely too – come on spring!

3. This weekend, I was finally due to pick up my first ever pair of glasses. I haven’t been feeling very well this weekend though so pictures to come of me wearing them. I can reveal they’re a pair of Ray-Ban’s and I love them! I also had my nails done. It’s always such a nice feeling to have them properly seen to by a professional, I feel so clean afterwards.

Alcoholic drinks

4. The first event was Cocktails in the City’s preview at Bar Soba. I have never been to Bar Soba before so I was excited to visit and their upstairs area is gorgeous – I love the glass ceiling. We had 16 cocktails to try altogether but don’t worry, I only managed half. Luckily we were given small samples so I didn’t feel bad at all the following day. More on all drinks in a later post but my favourite was this – Lemon Meringue. I love everything with lemon flavour and this was so nice and fresh.

5. Another event based on drinks; North Brewing Company in Leeds opened their doors for press and bloggers to sample some of their beers. It’s a lovely little place (very hip) which I would never find or think of looking up if it hadn’t been for this invite. More to come on Friday.

6. The last event, was a blogger event in Hull. It was nice with a little day trip to go see some fellow bloggers on the East coast. We had a lovely Italian lunch with wine and lots of small talk. You’ll find out more later next week.

I hope you’ve had a nice week and celebrated your mum’s a little extra today. Mother’s Day isn’t until end of May in Sweden so I’ll wait a little longer.

Jennie xx

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