Weekly Update 5

The individual days seem to go slow but oh boy does the weeks fly by. Time for another weekly update. I’m trying to b good, not spending much money as I’m going away on holiday in April/May (booked tickets this week!) and will be moving house in the summer. Still, there are some updates this week that makes me smile.

Daffodils, cherry blossom tree and skull tights

1-2. Spring is finally on its way. It seems strange to already be witnessing daffodils and Chinese cherry blossom trees in bloom. The morning walks to work are a lot more enjoyable though, especially with the birds singing joyfully.

3. When it gets even warmer, I’m ready with new running leggings. These were on sale from USA Pro £39.99 to £13 and I love them! They’re so colourful and full of skulls, what more could I ask for? Super happy about this bargain and hopefully running home will be even more enjoyable this spring.


4-5. I haven’t been to Wagamama in years but the lastest visit, with lovely S, made me think I should go more often. Their food is gorgeous and I feel healthy eating it. I do find the price range a bit too high though (maybe I’m a cheapskate) and that might be a reason for me not going regularly. I will come back for one of these healthy fruit juices. They’ve got so many to choose from and I want to be able to make them all at home (I easily could if I had the ingredients).

6. Another parcel that arrived this week, was from ChinsKitchen. Lovely Indian shortbreads in different flavours. I’ve tried one of them this weekend so there won’t be long until a full review will go live here.

How’s your week been? Any fun plans for the rest of the month?

Jennie xx

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s a couple of hours left to enter my nail accessories giveaway and that there’s a new giveaway launching tomorrow.