Weekly Update 4

Last week of January is over, the longest month! Maybe not counting the days but definitely when it comes to waiting for pay day. I spent half of this week in Sweden and the other half back in Leeds. It was nice only having to work two days before the weekend. Saturday might not have been the best day in my life but it’s still been a pretty good week. Here’s the last weekly update from January.

Sofa and breakfast

1. I have never been to the dentist in England, no offence but I trust my Swedish dentist more. It’s been a long time since my last visit (5 years) so it was definitely due. Considering it’s been so long, I think my teeth are really nice; hardly any tartar and only a tiny cavity to fix. The best thing though, was the sofa in the waiting room. Such a cool sofa, I’d love to own one myself!

2. After the dentist and before my sales haul (more on that in Tuesday’s post), mum and I enjoyed a long and nice breakfast date at Espresso House. They do the best chai latte and the cream cheese scones are also lovely. Thanks mum!


3. My dad wanted to try some new drinks so I bought him a Licor 43 as a belated Christmas gift. We found this nice recipe for a ‘Frisky 43’ cocktail and it’s refreshingly delicious. Lots of lemon!!!

4. As usual, before a flight I always look at fun bottles of alcohol I like. Of course Crystal Vodka is the best one. I don’t need the vodka, I just want these bottles to decorate with.

5. More drinks!? First day back in Leeds I went to The Turk’s Head’s launch event. The White Locks had invited Leeds press and bloggers to get a sneak peek of their new bar. After a long day at work, a G&T was on the cards. More on The Turk’s Head on Friday.

Unfortunatley, I had my purse stolen on Saturday. I was in H&M browsing their sales section when I believe it was stolen from my bag. I can’t prove anything and it’s ok, it’s easy to cancel bank cards. The annoying thing is that my driving license has to be renewed and that I might not get hold of the same River Island purse again. Oh well, I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow is a new month, my blog’s birthday month, so I have scheduled four giveaways (one each week) for you to enter. The first is going live tomorrow at 12pm so please check it out and enter.

How’s your week been?

Jennie xx