Weekly Update 02

Wow, the weeks do pass by quick. I think it’s the individual days sometimes that seem to drag but in summary, a week is like a quick second. Not many days left until I go on holiday for a week, I’m really excited!

This weekly update is filled with food stories.  I feel like I talk more and more about food here but who doesn’t love food? I’ve been out for so many meals this week, it’s unreal.

Gusto Restaurant in Leeds

1-3. The week started off really well when one of my favourite Swedish friends here in Leeds invited me out for dinner after work. She wanted to treat me for my birthday a few weeks back and of course I didn’t say no to that. We went to Gusto on Greek Street and I loved it. I have never been before but I will be back. Lovely food and atmosphere and even better yet, in January, all customers booking a table online get 50% off.

Sushi, shower gel, snow

4. I went out for food on Wednesday evening as well. As a tradition, my favourite colleague and I go regularly to Yo Sushi. Sushi is one of the best foods there is and this restaurant is perfect for a good girlie catch-up. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Yo Soshi before in one of these weekly updates. We usually order the same dishes too but it’s because they’re the best, Salmon and Avocado Roll and Tuna and Truffle Nigiri.

5. I haven’t done much shopping after Christmas, especially not in the sales. I did invest in some new pillows, it was more than time for that change. Can’t believe how long I’ve left it but I’m more chuffed with my bargain buys from the Body Shop, two ‘Frosted Plum’ shower gels. They’re on half price so why not? When I did the Christmas shopping at the Body Shop I fell in love with this scent so it only made sense to also add with some shower gel.

6. The snow finally came to Leeds as well (don’t think anyone with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram missed that!!!) I was in city centre when it all started (the snow and messages telling me it was snowing) but by the time I went home, the streets were clear again. Coming back to mine though, there was maybe 1-3 cm high and it looked like taken from a fairytale. Even this morning, it was lovely waking up to a white landscape outside my window. Most of it has unfortunately melted away today and next week it’s meant to go back to plus 10 so I can’t see us getting  more.

What have you been up to this week? Did you get hold of any sales bargains or maybe you went out, sledging in the snow?

Jennie xx