Weekly Update 01

Weekly Update #01

The first week of January felt so long, at least the work week. I don’t think I’ve wanted a Friday so badly as this one! Weekends always go by so fast, even when I’m not doing much, Like during this one so there’s Only a few things to mention in this weekly update. I’ll keep it short.

Purple nail varnish

1. I’ve been good, keeping up with my running like I promised in my goals for 2016 post. I’ve started using my Fitbit as well and when I’ve got my head around all its functions, there will be a full post on how it can help to stay fit.

2. As always, I’ve had time to paint my nails. This time it was a Spring inspired design, using December’s Nailbox. I can’t wait for the sun to show itself and for flowers and green leaves to come out from their hiding. This rain never seem to stop, but at least I know we’re going towards brighter days.

3. For Christmas, I was given this book ‘Kalmars Jägarinnor’ (Kalmar’s Huntresses), and I’ve been reading it ever since, nearly done. Kalmar is my home city in Sweden so it’s extra fun to read this book as I know of all the areas and places that are mentioned. Even more fun that the teenage girls the book portrait are around 2-3 years older than myself so even though we lived completely different lives at the time, I can still picture theirs really well.

Shawarma Papa Ganoush

4-6. Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds put on a Food Feast event every second week of the month. I haven’t been in ages, should go every time, but finally I did this time. I met up with a friend for lunch and we quickly decided we fancied shawarma from Papa Ganoush. Oh my, we were not disappointed, fabulous food! Only £5 and the chicken wrap kept me full for most of the day.

How’s your week been? Have you been up to much?

Jennie xx

P.S. All four giveaways I’m doing in February are now ready to go. I can’t wait for next month and give back to all you lovelies for reading and supporting!

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