Wedding guest dresses

I’m so excited to have received a wedding invitation this week. I will RSVP accordingly over the weekend when my boyfriend has had a chance to open his invitation. One of my closest friends here in Leeds is getting married!!! It’ll be my first ever English wedding to attend and I can’t wait. A little weekend away trip as the wedding will be held out on the country side at a Hotel. Can it be more English? I don’t think so but maybe I should get a head accessory just to make sure.

Wedding invitation

More importantly I will need a new dress. I have a few I could wear but it’s a special occasion so I figure something new will be most appropriate. The wedding is not until late summer but I have already started to think about which wedding guest dress to wear. I have had a little browse around the internet to get some inspiration and I’ve found my top four favourites. I’ll probably have to go to the different stores and try them out before ordering or even think about deciding.

Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding guest dresses

Love Plunge Skater Dress With Kimono Sleeve – ASOS | Butterfly Skater Dress, Ochre – Oasis/John Lewis | Floral Print Prom Dress – M&Co | Floral Tunic Dress – M&S

It seems like I have taken a liking for blue and yellow colours. I like simple styles as long as they have one element that stands out. Some of these are more relaxed than others. I really like the navy blue dress but not sure what shoes to wear. The floral dress is so cute too and I will have a pair of matching shoes for it but I would also need a little cardigan or scarf as I’m not too comfortable showing off my arms.

Which one do you think I should wear?

Jennie xx