Ryman Stationery

Working full time and blogging on the side needs organisation in order to get it all done. Coming home from a job sitting behind a computer most of the day, it’s not always I want to continue doing so by writing blog posts. Where I can, I try as much as possible to keep the blog offline. Taking photos and attending events is part of that but also doing all the planning using stationery. Is there a blogger out there who doesn’t love stationery? There are plenty of ways to stay organised but I thought I’d share what I do in order to keep on top of admin tasks and blogging life.

Ryman got in touch recently and asked if I ‘d like to be sent some personalised stationery* and as they’re my go to stationery store in Leeds I couldn’t turn down the offer. They might not be as colourful and funky as Paperchase but they have everything I need and stock Leuchtturm 1917 which I use for my bullet journaling. I’ve recently bought a new one setting it up for July. This time I went for a yellow to match my blog design. Doesn’t it look great together with the notebook which has my name on it?

Ryman Stationery Personalised Stationery

Personalised Notebook

There are multiple of notebooks out there to choose from but as I’m simple when it comes to design and colour, I love this black one. It still stands out as I have my name printed on it and in copper foil which gives a modern touch. You can get any text you want, up to 20 characters. The personalised notebook has an elastic band to keep it together, a ribbon bookmark, an elastic loop on the side to keep a pen and a pocket on the back cover. The pages are lined, perfect for list and idea writing.

Personalised Notebook

A notebook is my main go to stationery when planning my blog posts. I dedicate pages to come up with possible titles, write down ides of what to include in the post as well as structure and which keywords to include. I feel I get a better overview writing it down on paper rather than keeping documents online or using notes and writing apps on the phone.

Personalised Mug

I also received a couple of rose gold ballpoint pens to match my name on the notebook and to use to write in it. The pens are very light and come across as cheap but the colour make up for it. Most importantly, they’re nice to hold with a black rubber grip and being light they’re also very easy to write with. They fit perfectly together with all my other writing tools in the personalised mug. As you know, I don’t really drink any hot drinks but this way, I can see it all the time and it fits well in my little blogger corner on the dining table. I know, I should perhaps get a desk?

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

Yellow Leuchttrum 1917

The Leuchtturm 1917 is my favourite when it comes to bullet journaling. This is a bold statement as I haven’t tried any other notebooks out there for this purpose but why try new ones when I’m really happy with these. It has a hard cover with an elastic strap, two bookmarks in different colours and a pocket inside the back cover. The pages are dotted which makes it easy to write and draw straight lines but as the dots are very light, you can also draw and doodle without it looking cluttered.

Here is where I set up the scheduling of blog posts, keep track of social media stats, write to do lists both for blog posts and life admin task. It’s a joint planner helping me to stay organised in life, whereas the notebook helps me with my blog posts.


There you have it, my ways to stay organised. How do you joggle personal admin tasks and blogging? What tools and products do you use to help?

Jennie xx

*Ryman kindly sent me the personalised notebook, mug and pens in return for this blog post. The bullet journal is my own purchase. All words and views are as always my own.