Water Lane Boathouse

First Belgrave Music Hall in the Northern quarter, then Headrow House on The Headrow and now most recently, Water Lane Boathouse in Granary Wharf. The team behind all three of these know what they’re doing and Leeds is loving it!

I’m so happy to have Water Lane Boathouse so close to where I live. It’s a given local to have with its beer garden, own bakery, location near the canal (actually on it), beautiful window views and affordable prices for everything they serve.

Water Lane Boathouse window seat Water Lane Boathouse table Water Lane Boathouse window Water Lane Boathouse bar Water Lane Boathouse view

I’ve visited a couple of times already and it’s been busy all times, especially at the weekend, so it seems the locals can only but agree. Despite being busy, you feel relaxed when hanging out here for a couple of drinks or food.

It wasn’t till most recently though that I had the chance to try out their food menu and oh boy does it impress. So simple when looking at the menu but when the food comes out, we’re talking art. Colourful and playful is what springs to mind. Beetroot and cauliflower is heavily featured so if you’re not particularly keen on any of those – opt for the meatier dishes.

Water Lane Boathouse Vegetarian platter

First up was the vegetarian platter, full of goodies like olives, cheese, pickles and a mountain of bread (too much for my liking) with the pickles being the highlight. I’ve seen the meat platter as well which looks even more impressive and is only £1 extra.

Water Lane Boathouse salads

Second up we tried two of their salads; Quinoa, Fennel & Kale and Roasted Beetroot & Pecorino Cheese. You can order these in small or for almost the double prize, a large. I would recommend a small size combined with a side dish as a salad only fills me up there and then but not for a longer period of time. The second salad is my favourite as I on this occasion learnt how well beetroot and raspberries go together – really fruity and refreshing.

Water Lane Boathouse ham and cheese pizza Water Lane Boathouse cauliflower pizza

I can highly recommend the beetroot burger and cauliflower pizza. As a meat lover, I’m surprised I prefer these over their meat versions: beef burger and cured ham & cheese pizza. The beetroot burger is so much juicier and the cauliflower pizza has the loveliest smoked aubergine sauce.

On my first visit, I tried the fries and they’re the best ones I’ve ever had in Leeds (so far). I stand by it after trying them a second time so please make sure to order these if you come here. Either on their own or order a hot sandwich and they’ll come as a side for an extra £2. They’re so good you don’t need mayo or what normally is your sauce of choice for fries.

Water Lane Boathouse beetroot burger Water Lane Boathouse beef burger

Drinks to go with the food? I can highly recommend any of their spritzers, any gin cocktails or if you prefer beer, there’s plenty of fun choice with new brands and flavours brought in regularly.

Have you tried any of Water Lane Boathouse’s food yet? If you’ve not been yet, don’t forget to visit their upper seating area to get a glimpse of their stone oven and bakery.

Jennie xx