Vita Citric Spirit

And the Oscar for Best Vodka Newcomer goes to… Vita! For its citrus flavour and design to be mixed with water. The base: triple-distilled vodka from wheat. The twist: unique citrus juice formula. The result: A game-changing experience.

Vita Citric Spirit drink

Did you watch the Oscars this year? My friends always have a little gathering for it with food, snacks (non for me, still doing lent), drinking games and winner predictions. This year I felt like I could afford taking the Monday off so I joined them. Five hours went past very fast, despite adverts every three minutes.

I must admit, I haven’t seen many of the films nominated, only Dunkirk and Coco. I was pleased to see Coco winning best animated film and also best song. Although I did think that would go to The Greatest Showman. That’s a film I’d really like to see and after last nights best film win: The Shape of Water.

Vita Citric Spirit

My tipple of choice for the evening night is this new Vodka called Vita*. It’s designed to be best enjoyed simply mixed with water. The producers of this alcoholic drink searched the Mediterranean for the right ingredients, teaming up with a distillery in Barcelona to create Vita: a vodka that releases a burst of natural scents, flavours and freshness.

Vita Lemon Vodka Lemon Vodka Drink

As a lemon lover I really enjoy this drink. I’m not a massive Vodka fan but any drink with lemon and I’m there. I’ve had a sip of it neat and although the lemon flavours are there, the alcohol flavour takes over. I prefer it, like suggested, with water. Mixed with San Pellegrino it makes a nice and gentle drink. Think lemonade, almost too nice and easy to drink.

Sliced Lemons Vita bottle cork

The positive with Vita is that by mixing it with water, you’re automatically drinking every other water. Really favourable the morning after. Also, by mixing with still or fizzy water, you’re not stacking up on those unnecessary calories and sugars that other mixers are loaded with. Sugar free is the new way of drinking according to the founder

How do you mix your vodka? Will you try Vita when it launches in the UK?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. I was kindly sent a bottle of Vita Vodka in return for this post. All views are my own.