Pie and fries

This is only the second time I’ve ever eaten pie in my life and I’m glad it was at Pieminister in Leeds. A whole restaurant dedicated to pies, isn’t that clever. Normally pies are only served in pubs as a classic or of course at all sporting events but that’s not the same as a pie from Pieminister.

Pie for the first time

The first time I ever tried pie was in New Zeeland. My friend and I were backpacking our way around and one night we arrived very late to our hostel. I can’t remember which city we arrived to but the hostel was small, no stores around that were open and we were starving. The hostel luckily had a freezer at reception so we could get some food and foolishly we opted for pies. I don’t think having a frozen food pie was the best first experience of eating pie. I can’t remember easting something more vile in my life.


Despite my first experience of pie eating it didn’t stop me from going to Pieminister. Possibly because I’ve grown older and wiser knowing a frozen pie isn’t fair to judge all the rest of the pies from. More likely because the Pieminister looks awesome both from the outside, inside and on the menu. I love how they’ve done up the place very simple and minimalistic. The wooden tables, chairs and most of the rest of the interiors are very dark but it adds to the charm and makes you hungry for wintery food like pie.

Pieminister tablePieminister menu

Pieminister pie

I opted for a vegetarian choice, Wildshroom. As you can probably guess from the name it has mushroom in it, wild even 😉 but also asparagus and white wine. To go with it I also ordered sweet potato fries and a local beer. It’s a lot of food for decent money and I couldn’t finish it all. Lovely flavours and the pie was fully packed with filling. I normally saw pies as mainly pastry and less filling but Pieminister proved me wrong and for that I’m thankful. The pastry was very thin and crisp and let the filling speak for itself.

Pie and sweet potato firesMushroom pie

The Next time I think only the pie will be enough. Yes, I’d love to go back and try some more from the menu.

Jennie xx