Coral Reef The Deep

Hull has got one of the biggest and best aquariums, The Deep, in the UK and this weekend I finally got to visit. The Deep is situated just outside city centre, by Victoria Dock. It’s a perfect location by the Humber seeing that it’s all about sea life.

The Deep in HullShark Statue outside The Deep

It’s a big building with a major tank in the middle which you can have a look at from all different levels and angles throughout the visit. You start from the top of the building and work yourself down. The first part is all about how life started and that they assume it must have been in water. (This could be disputed due to latest findings about life evolving in electricity but that’s a complete different story.)

Second level and onwards is where you get to see all the fish, 3,500 fish in total. I became like a child again seeing them all. Maybe it’s because I love water so much, I don’t know, or it could be because they’re really fascinating – so many variations of size, colour and behaviour.

Big Fish

The big fish are really cool and a bit mysterious in a way.

They had a few different sting rays in the big tank and they are really gracious when they swim around. The look of them might not be so attractive but it’s interesting to see them glide about by moving their outer body in a wavy motion.

Small shark in tank at The Deep

A few sharks as well and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sword fish before. Unluckily it was swimming too far away so I never got a chance to take a picture.

In a separate tank they had some cat fish and they are a species of their own. Very dark and old looking. Some of them have got the look of being made out of aluminium or stone.


The main attraction that I was most interested in was the penguins. The Deep don’t have many but a little colony of Gentoo penguins was enough to keep me entertained. They are very fast swimmers and was jumping in and out of water most of the time. They didn’t stay up on land for long, only when they got fed which we were lucky to get to see.

Penguins The Deep

I could stand around looking at them all day but we didn’t have time for that. There’s a lot to go through and it took us a good two hours to complete the journey of sea life.

Coral Reef

The Deep has a lot of smaller tanks with individual fish in. One of them is the Coral Reef which was replicated to look like a coral reef. Here’s where you find the smaller fish and the very colourful ones. I really liked the orange/pink one, what a beauty!!

Coral Reef The Deep

They also have a selection of Nemo’s as everyone (incuding me) seem to call Clown Fish nowadays. Very beautiful and they were happily swimming around in yellow sea weed but not shy to come out and have their picture taken.

Jellyfish and frogs

I was really fascinated by the lit up jellyfish. Normally I don’t really care for them when I’ve encountered them in the sea in Sweden. However I don’t mind them so much when they’re in a tank and especially not in a neon light.

Jellyfish The DeepFrogs The Deep

Funnily enough you also get to see some different animals such as insects and frogs. The poisonous frogs are really colourful. It’s a shame they’re dangerous but still good to be able to spot them seeing you wouldn’t want to come across one in the wild.


The Deep is very good because everywhere you go there is information about the fish and throughout you’re guided through the timeline of life from it started till now. There are a lot of interactive elements as well where you get to experience and learn more about fish and their life and body build. I really enjoyed the last bit of the journey. You walk through a tunnel where the fish swim around you and at the end there is a glass lift going up through the middle tank.

It’s a nice day trip and I’d go back any time to wave a bit more at lots of pretty fish that wasn’t keen on waving back – I wonder why… 😉

Have you been to The Deep or any other aquarium? What was your experience?