I can’t believe January is soon finally over. I have almost completed a full month, possibly the longest, without an alcoholic drink. I’ve only got a couple of pounds left in my monthly spending allowance but I’ve not used my overdraft and I have been able to save away a fair bit of money. 2020 is off to a good start!

To do this ,and more, my bullet journal is helping me keep track. I’ve got a small highlights section to complete in my January setup but come Saturday, I’ll be continuing on with a new theme. For my February bullet Journal Monthly Spread I chose a Valentine’s theme. I don’t really by into the whole commercial side of it but hearts are pretty and easy to doodle so it was a given for me. I want to keep my bullet journal pretty but still not having to put too much effort into the designs as I don’t have time for that.

Bullet Journal Notebook from Papier

Valentine’s Themed Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I started off February with a two page title section. Normally I only give it a one page space but why leave a page blank when I had the room. It’s a very simple design: February written out in calligraphy, surrounded by hanging hearts. I invested in new faux calligraphy pens which are helping make my handwriting look prettier. This Brush Calligraphy Pen Set includes four refillable pens in four different sizes. The set is only £5.99 on Amazon.

Valentine's Themed Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Monthly Overview

As always, I follow the title page with a monthly overview spread. Last month I drew it out as a vertical calendar but for February I’m trying something new. Across one page (horizontally) I’ve drawn out each day as a box. I think it looks prettier and it’s more fun to fill in. On the right hand side I’ve kept the three boxes for notes, what I’m waiting on and ideas for the blog and social media. It worked well in January so no need to change.

Bullet Journal February overview

Monthly Trackers

My last spread, before going into my weekly pages, are as always my two trackers. One for my daily moods and one for things I want to keep track on. My mood tracker this month is a heart split into 29 sections. One for each day and I hope ones all filled in, the heart will come out really pretty. I should think of changing up the moods I use though as I’m never angry for a full day, unless hangry – ha! The monthly tracker is a list of things I do to keep fit, house admins and blog and social tasks.

February mood tracker

Weekly Spreads

Last but not least, the weekly spreads. You might remember that I said last month I would change these up every month to find out my favourite. In January I created boxes for each day but this month I’m going simple with a list. Aside from the first weekend, I’m combining Saturday and Sunday. I find that the things I want to get done over the weekend doesn’t need a specific day to do it in, unless it’s an event and time I need to be somewhere. I had a spare page before going into the weekly notes so added a love themed quote.

Love quote in bullet journalFebruary Weekly Spread

If you want to see how I drew all this out, check out my YouTube video below. Yes that’s right. I HAVE SET UP A YOUTUBE CHANNEL and so far shared one video. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like it, subscribe to get notifications when a new video goes live. It is my first attempt filming and editing and I’m really pleased with it!

Whats your bullet Journal Monthly spread theme for February? Let me know what you think of mine and if you design something similar.

Jennie xx