Ushi pop up store

On Friday night, Charlotte and I went to Trinity Centre in Leeds to check out their latest pop up store on the second floor. Fashion brand Ushiwear had invited us around for an opportunity to get to know their brand and the people behind the design. It was the perfect ending to an honestly long and hard week both at work and at home moving flats. It was lovely getting to know Jill and Neil who are the people behind the brand and the others working with them to make it an even better company over lots of prosecco and tasty and cute cupcakes.

Ushiwear as a brand

My invite landed in my inbox last minute so I didn’t have time to do much research more than learning that Ushiwear is a Yorkshire based brand and that I love the ox print they have on all products. At their intimate pop up shop event I learnt that the ox is based on an ancient Shaman’s headdress which is over 200 years old. The decision of having an ox as Ushi’s brand logo comes from how Jill and Neil’s last part in their surname, Kapusi, is pronounced.

This together with the facts that everything is handmade, only British made products are used, they produce small quantities to keep the products unique and that they are lovely people caring for their customers makes this a great brand to support.

Ushi brand

Ushiwear collections

Ushiwear print clothes for men, women and kids and they have a wide range of different collections: t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, loungewear and hats and scarves. The snoods and bobble hats are really cool so when winter comes, I might have to invest. I would say everything on the menswear is unisex, a lot of their female customers buy t-shirts and sweaters from the menswear section.

I have mentioned it before, when vintage shopping in Chicago, that I wish I’d been a teenager during the 80’s. Funnily enough, the hoodies that Ushi make reminds me a lot of the 80’s so no doubt this colourful range is my favourite of their collections. I loved the hangers they were hanging on as well (#clothesrailgoals).

Ushi clothes

Practical clothes made from tents

Another favourite is their recent collaboration with fashion student Harriett. Neil had an idea which Jilly made happen by briefing fashion students on the concept of making practical clothes from old tents. Harriett took on the challenge and oh my goodness, the result is amazing! I love these jackets, so clever with multiple usage and they also look good. My favourite is the parka inspired coat, nice colours, with a detachable backpack at the front. I love the inner lining as well: mismatching is the way forward with me.

Clothes made from tents

My own Ushi t-shirt

As a thank you for coming by and getting to know the brand, we were given goody bags with various branded bits and bobs: the coasters and wall art will come in handy in my new place. We were also given a plain white t-shirt to, on the night, exchange for our favourite t-shirt. I really wanted one with the big ox print on the front but the colours of the t-shirt that is available at the pop up shop didn’t really appeal to me so I went with a safe choice – white t-shirt with a small black ox head on the chest.

Ushi t-shirt

If you haven’t spotted Ushi already in Trinity you have a chance until Thursday this week. After that, you can catch them at one of many events they tour on or in their permanent shop and factory in Mirfield. I’d love to go and see how the printing process works, from plain t-shirt to fully ox branded Ushiwear.

Jennie xx