Lipsticks to Wear on New Year’s Eve

I love receiving packages; even better when they arrive unexpectedly. When an unexpected,  sparkly purple envelope landed on my work desk a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled. I had no idea who sent it me and I’m still not sure who it’s from. Opening it I couldn’t believe I’d been sent not one but five different lipsticks from Urban Decay*. Christmas came early, I was one lucky girl.

I’ve never tried any of Urban Decay’s makeup before. I know their Naked Palettes are really popular and I’m sure loads more people will have received plenty of them for Christmas getting ready for New Year’s Eve. I can unfortunately not wear eye shadow so being sent lipsticks was a real nice treat. Especially now that I’m wearing and trying more dark colours than before.

Urban Decay lipsticks

Back in 96 Urban Decay launched their first collection and 20 years later, to celebrate, they have brought back nine shades from their Vice Lipstick collection. I was sent these following five; Oil Slick, Frostbite, UV-B, Plague and Asphyxia. At first I wasn’t too sure about the blue and black shades as they’re so not me but I’ve warmed up to them. I’m still not sure about Oil Slick as I feel I only look like I’m ill. Looking at the stick itself I was hoping for it to be more black with glitter but it’s really oily as the name suggests.

Urban Decay UV-B Lipstick

UV-Bvibrant blue with purple shift

Urban Decay Asphyxia Lipstick

Asphyxiasoft lavender with blue micro-glitter

Urban Decay Plague Lipstick

Plaguebright purple with pink undertone

Urban Decay Frostbite Lipstick

Frostbitefrosted deep blue with multicoloured micro-glitter

Urban Decay Oil Slick Lipstick

Oil Slicksheer black with silver micro-glitter

All these lipsticks are really easy to apply and quickly covers the full lip. They’re nice to have on, feels like a lip balm. They don’t last as long so need to be constantly reapplied after having food or a drink. I don’t mind as a lipstick normally last long despite multiple use each day.

Picking a lipstick for the Christmas parties and holidays was easy – red of course. I’m thinking I should wear one of these for New Year’s Eve but I’ve got no clue which one? A little help please. I’ll most likely be wearing a black outfit so anything goes. Which of these lipsticks do you think I should wear?

Thank you so much to the PR company who sent me these, much appreciated!

Jennie xx

*PR sample. All views are my own



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