Update on 2017’s Goals so Far

You might remember that I wrote up 5 things I’d like to achieve this year back in January. As it’s already June (where has this year gone?!) I thought I’d share an update with how I’m getting on with 2017’s goals.

1. Apply for UK Citizenship

Wow, this is a long process. I knew it from the beginning but when you actually start diving in to it all, it seems even longer. I wrote up a separate post on the process here. A little guide on what’s involved and a couple of tips that you might not know until you go through the process. I’ll either update that post or write a new one when I have completed all the steps.

The other week I did receive my Permanent Residence Card which I’m so chuffed about. Of course there was a tiny hiccup (from the Home Office side, not mine) but it’s all fixed now. If you follow me on social, you’ll know I sent in a yellow letter in a pink envelope to make sure my issue would be seen to asap. I think it worked and they rectified their mistake within a week from me sending it. Next step is to study for the ‘Life In the UK’ test and I hope I’ll be good with the revision. It’s years ago since I last sat an exam but I’m picturing colourful post-it notes all over my flat to help me remember all of UK’s history, royals, politics and social life…

2. Read 12 Books

I’m on track with this goal too. I’ve read 5 books so far and starting a new one in June, alongside the ‘Life in the UK’ test book. I won’t count that one though as it’s a text book. Despite not being to thrilled about the first three books this year, I’ve kept it up and when I find a book I really like, it’s hard to put it down. There will be another post in July covering the next three books. If you’ve got any recommendations on what I should read, send them my way please.

3. Gain an Events Management Diploma

This goal seems like forever ago now as I completed it in January already. I’m super chuffed to be able to show in black and white that I have it. I did write a blog post about the course I took if you’re interested in learning more.

4. See More of Europe

Prague, Berlin and Madeira is still on my list but so far not in the calendar. I am however excited to be going back to Sweden for 2 weeks to see family and friends. I haven’t been to Stockholm in many many years and most certainly never to the archipelago so I’m very excited for that. On my way home, I’m also stopping by to see my best Danish friend in south of Denmark (never been before) and also fitting in a short stop in Hamburg before flying back. If you’ve been to Hamburg and have any tips on what to do, eat etc., let me know!

5. Stay Active

I’m still attending the gym and since Easter I’ve upped my game by going in the mornings, as well as lunch time. Sometimes I skip the lunch abs session as it’s too hot outside and the gym I go to doesn’t have air condition (nightmare, I know!). Combining a 30 minute strength, boxerciser or HIIT class with my 30 min bike ride in the morning is great. I feel so much better from it and I have started to see a change in my body as well. My arms and legs are starting to tone up – whoop!

The Yorkshire Three Peaks might not happen but I did climb Wales’ second highest mountain earlier this year and it was the exhaustion then which made me up my gym game. I think climbing another mountain now would be much easier.

Sadly, I haven’t been for more than two runs all year but now that the Leeds 10k sign-up is official, I’ll be practicing for that too.

Overall, the achievements I set in January are looking good. Apart from my travel bucket list I believe I should be able to tick off most of these goals at the end of the year and hopefully also stick to my healthier routine.

How are you getting on with your goals set earlier this year?

Jennie xx



    • Jennie
      12th June 2017 / 9:26 pm

      Thanks Caroline 🙂 I’ll make sure to continue only setting achievable goals from now on, it helps and makes me feel great! x

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