Undead TV Shows and Films to watch

Turns out, I quite enjoy watching TV series and films which focus on the undead. Undead in this post referring to ghosts, zombies, vampires and similar. Funnily enough, I shouldn’t really like this type of entertainment as I can’t handle scary films or TV shows. I had to jump behind the sofa watching Scream and switch off Shutter Island half way through, that’s how bad I am. Still, there are a couple of films and TV shows I can recommend to watch, if you’re in to the “undead” just like me.

Everyman Cinema Leeds

Stranger Things

I don’t think this Netflix series has escaped anyone. If it has, I’m not sure what rock you’ve been hiding under. It’s time to see the light and enjoy this TV show, it’s definitely one of the better this year. I watched the first six episodes in one day (I know, how sad am I not having a more eventful life) and the last two the following evening. What I love about this series is that it’s set in the 80’s, I think the setting makes the series. The children actors are really good as well!


Believe it or not, the first Ghostbusters film I ever watched is the most recent film, the so called remake of the first film. I’m not sure why they made a remake instead of a third film. For me, I saw this as the only Ghostbusters film as I didn’t have anything to compare it with and after watching the original film, I think the most recent is way better. Not necessarily because the female gnostbusters are way cooler (definitely) but also because it’s so colourful! The fight scene nearing the end is so cool! If it hadn’t been for Umpf inviting me to watch it at the Everyman Cinema in Trinity Leeds, I might not have gone to see it at all. I’m very glad I did because oh my goodness is Holtzmann now my new heroine! What a cool character and Kate McKinnon plays her really well!

Ghostbusters car

True Blood

If I could choose between vampires, zombies, aliens or ghosts invading earth, I’d so vote for vampires. Not vampires like Edward from The Twilight Saga or Damon in Vampire Diaries, I’m talking about vampires like Eric from True Blood. I can recommend both reading the books and watch the to series. I started reading the books second season in and completed it before the series was over, without ruining one or the other. Sookie, the female lead, is amazing! I once went as her to a Halloween party, ha! Before, I thought Buffy was my fave vampire series character but Sookie has outshone her.

Back of Ghostbusters car

The Walking Dead

Best series going at the minute. It’s been around for many years now and it’s still as good as it was when it first started. It had a dip in series four, I think (not that great of a memory), but keep watching as it only gets better. The last series ended so intense it’s unbelievable. I had to rewatch the end scene a few times hoping I could figure out what happens next but I’ll just have to wait till season 7 starts. I can’t see an end to the zombie world they live in but I don’t mind, it’s still crazy good so I’ll keep watching. There’s also The Fear Of The Walking Dead which is set prior to The Walking Dead when the virus first broke out, but it’s sadly only annoying me.

What are your favourite undead films or TV shows? Have you watched any of the ones on my list?

Jennie xx