Uber Sonic electric toothbrush

How well do you look after your teeth? I brush mine twice a day and floss regularly. I don’t use mouthwash though, maybe I should. Despite being good with my teeth, somehow I find that they aren’t very white. I know I take care of my teeth but them not being blindingly white it triggers my mind to think they’re not clean enough.

After doing some research I found that even if you’re good at cleaning our teeth, there are many more reasons for teeth to go yellowish. I read this article and from it my guess is that I have thin enamel and the amount of sugar I’ve eaten hasn’t helped. I’d like for my teeth to be slightly whiter so I took the article’s suggestion of whitening them and also try out an electric toothbrush which promises more efficient plaque removal than a normal toothbrush.

Uber Sonic electric toothbrushElectric toothbrush

Uber Sonic Electric Toothbrush

I’ve never owned an electric toothbrush before. I remember when they became trendy and I’m sure even was the Christmas gift of the year once. I find them very pricey for what they are so have therefore never invested. Enters Uber Sonic Club*. Signing up with them and you receive an electric toothbrush and whitening gel kit for only £19.99. Every other month, for £9, two refill toothbrush heads arrive to remind you to change the refill every month.

The toothbrush handle has a very sleek design. It’s made of aluminium and has the same feel and colour like a space grey iPhone. Like I said, I’ve never owned an electric toothbrush before so I can’t compare it but I think it looks really good and I think I prefer it over a plastic version and for the price, it’s really valuable. The refill part is white plastic with a small head. I like that it has a small brushhead as it reaches even trickier parts of the teeth.

I’ve used it daily over the last month and so far I’ve only had to recharge it once. It starts to flash when the battery is dead but I would have liked it to give a warning flash slightly before. I was lucky the battery died just after an evening brush so I had time to recharge it over night before the morning brush.

My favourite part of the toothbrush is that it stops vibrating every 30 seconds so you know when to move on to another part of the mouth. When 2 minutes have passed, the toothbrush switches off so you know that you’ve spent the recommended time brushing. I usually brush a bit longer than that though.

Uber Sonic Gel Teeth Whitening Kit

Together with the toothbrush, you also receive a gel whitening kit. This will arrive on a yearly basis when signed up. I was a bit hesitant to use it at first but reading through the instructions really carefully it turned out to be a really simple procedure. Two mouth trays and a syringe with gel is included in the kit. The syringe has enough gel for 5 treatments. You can do them 1-2 times a day, starting with 30 minutes and then increase up to an hour each time.

I used mine once a day for 4 nights and it wasn’t until the last day or so that I saw some improvement. Not big enough difference that shows in photos. I would probably have to do it on a monthly basis in order to see full improvement but for me it’s not worth it. You’re not allowed to eat or drink and colourful food during the treatment or for the following 48 hours. For a week I had to eat white food and even though there’s a lot to choose from when you think about it, it looks depressing on the plate. I’m very thankful I don’t drink coffee or tea as it would be really hard giving up for such a long time. Perhaps drinking it with a straw is allowed.

Uber Sonic Whitening Kit

Although not that impressed with the whitening kit, the electric toothbrush is something I’ll definitely keep using. It’s small enough to bring with me when I go on holiday and it comes with a travel protection. As long as I fully charge the toothbrush before setting off it should be fine.

Do you see a difference in your teeth using an electric toothbrush over a normal one? Have you got any other tips and tricks I can do in order to make my teeth whiter?

Jennie xx

*PR gift. I was kindly sent the Uber Sonic Club starter kit in return for this blog post. Views and words are as always my own.