Cocos Beach Bar

I’ve never been to Brazil but if it’s anything like Cocos Beach Bar in Cabana I know I’d love it. To be honest, I have a feeling it might be better but creating a tropical water hole like this in Leeds is genius. Who doesn’t want to step into a summery tiki atmosphere, leaving the cold and dark brick city outside?

Cocos Beach Bar Coconut BarTropicalbarCocos seating

The bar is full of all the beach props you can imagine. Everything from blow fish lamps to a surfboard. The bar side is fully decorated with flipflops in different colours, making a flowery pattern. Don’t be surprised spotting fake parrots and bikinis hanging down from the ceiling. There’s plenty to look at sipping away on all the cocktails offered.

Cocos Cocktails

Every day, Cocos Beach Bar offers tropical cocktails full of coconut flavours (hence the name) and they serve them up pretty darn well too. Glasses shaped like naked men and women, ceramic coconuts, in inflatable flamingos and with props like chillies and flower garlands.

Cocos cocktail menu Pina Colada Coco Colada Blue Job

Arriving late to the soft launch, we only had time to try a couple of the cocktails: Flaming Passion, Blue Job and Coco Colada. The latter a clear favourite. I’ve never had a delicious tasting pina colada like this in Leeds before so hats off to Cocos. Normally they’re slightly watery but this had the perfect creamy texture you’d expect. Other cocktails I’d likeminded to try are the Cheeky Chilli Martini, Jungle Fever and Sprinkles Margarita. To be honest, I’d happily sit and sip on all of them, and for £6 each its a good deal.

Cocos Snacks

Don’t worry, Cocos serve snacks as well, to compliment the drinks. The kitchen is shared with Cabana so no doubt the food is good. Home made nachos is a big plus in my eyes. They can easily get away with supermarket crisps but home made tastes so much better. The Hallomi Fries are a firm favourite. Grilled to perfection, served with mayo and a sprinkle of herbs. We also tried pulled posts tacos and although they’re nice, I could have done with less sauce and let the pulled chicken speak for itself.

Flaming Passion Chicken tacos

The only downside to Cocos Beach Bar is the location. As part of Cabana and next to Trinity Kitchen, this part of Trinity doesn’t breathe cocktails. It’s more of a food area. The footfall will most likely come from people who know about this tropical treasure, people like me!

Where do you go to escape English gloomy days and dream of more tropically days?

Jennie xx