Trinity Kitchen sign

I’m a massive fan of Trinity Kitchen. I think it’s one of the best things that has popped up in Leeds. It’s a great place to meet up with friends for a quick lunch (be aware it gets really busy during the weekend) but also for an evening meal.

Trinity Kitchen sign

List of food places in Trinity Kitchen

Favourite food places in Trinity Kitchen

The best thing is that has a lot to offer, so many options for food from different cultures. There are a few food places that are permanent and my favourite of all those is ‘Pho’. Great Vietnamese food that’s always fresh and don’t leave you feeling full in a sickly way.¬†Another favourite is the burrito place, ‘Tortilla’ where they fill the wraps so they’re about to explode.

Pho in Trinity Kitchen

Food vans in Trinity Kitchen

Trinity Kitchen also have street vans which offer food from more corners of the world. These are replaced every six weeks but if your lucky your favourite comes back now and again. I went over the weekend and immediately, as soon as I saw them, knew I was having dumplings from ‘Dorshi‘. Last time I saw them was at the food festival event last May.

Dumplings from Dorshi

This time I opted for the steamed pork, onion and ginger dumplings with noodles. So much food but I didn’t leave anything, far too good for that. Unfortunately they’re only in Trinity for another week so I’ll have to be patient before eating from them again.

Trinity Kitchen isn’t like a normal food court that might look a bit shabby. No, Trinity Kitchen is a very hip food court which make you feel like you’re in a modern and hip restaurant where the world is your oyster and there’s something to eat for everyone and you can grab whatever tickles your fancy in that moment.

Have you been to Trinity yet? What do you think?

Jennie xx