Magazine, bikini and sun lotion

I haven’t been on a beach holiday in ages. Last time I went was to Cyprus, during my Uni days. This all inclusive holiday to Spain is well overdue!!! When you’re reading this I’m already on my way and even though most of you have already been on your yearly holiday I thought I’d share my travel essentials for an all inclusive holiday with you.

Reading Material

Bringing enough books and magazines is essentials for any holiday but especially important when you’re spending all your time at the beach or the pool.

These three books should see me through the flight and my days in the sun. I’ve brought a magazine as well as too much intelligent reading can do my head in and I just want to look at pretty pictures.

Books and magazine


I’m so excited to be bringing so many swimwear clothes on this holiday. I made sure to have enough to change between as I might spend more time in the sea or the pool than up on land. It’s always nice to have a swimsuit for swimming and dry bikinis to change to for sun bathing.

These are all halterneck which I prefer so I don’t get tan lines across my shoulders. The blue bikini has thick bands which can be tied around the back as well to make sure the top keeps secure and stays up. I’ve risked it bringing a white bikini top but hopefully it won’t be see through. I picked black bottoms to match just in case.

Blue tropical bikini Blue metallic swimsuit White bikini top with black bottoms

Sun Protection

I’m not very good using sun protection. I usually forget to put it on or if I do it’s just once in a day and then I forget to apply it again. This time around I shall do my best to be really good with it. I want to get a nice tan that will last for a while, the worst is to come back from a holiday to start to skin the first thing you do.

For a nice tan it’s equally important to moisturise afterwards so I’m bringing a body scrub which I’ll leave in the fridge during the day so it’s cold and suiting to apply on the skin after a shower.

I regularly apply a hair oil to my hair as my ends are very dry. Now that I’ll be in the hot sun every day I will be applying this every night, not only to the ends.

Sunprotection products

There are plenty of other thing to think of to pack as well but these are my absolute essentials to survive an all inclusive holiday in the sun. What do you bring?

Jennie xx