Travel Hacks

As I mentioned in my post about goals for 2017, I’d like to see more of Europe. Tomorrow I’m flying off to my first destination of the year – Sweden. I’ve seen it so many times before but I’m still excited to go back to see my friends and family and perhaps a bit of snow if I’m lucky. Every time I go there, or anywhere else for that matter, I’m really thankful for the following three travel hacks. They have all helped me save on unnecessary spendings when travelling and here how you can too.

Halifax Clarity Credit Card

Halifax Clarity Card

I used to have a Swedish bank account but since I very rarely use it, I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee for keeping it open, it wasn’t worth it. Instead, I use Halifax credit card every time I fly over. This way, I don’t have to transfer money to my Swedish account from my UK account prior to travelling. I also don’t have to worry about going to an exchange bureau where I get charged a higher exchange rate and a fee to have the money exchanged.

Halifax’s Clarity Credit Card works everywhere I travel as long as I let them know prior to my travels where I’m going and how long I’m planning to stay there. It’s free of charge to set up and you don’t have to be an existing member of Halifax. Credit cards can be scary but living in the UK, they’re essential if you want to



This is the best app ever! I don’t use it very often but if you have friends and family in other countries, it’s so worth downloading. Do you know how much the bank charge you for transferring to overseas accounts and how long it takes before the money reaches your account? I had a look at what my bank charges and it’s ridiculous! With TransferWise you can easily save a lot of money as they only charge around £1 to transfer between overseas accounts and the money only take a couple of days to be transferred.

When I still had a Swedish account, I used this app more often but now only when I transfer money to my parents so I can pay off my Swedish student loan. I use the app but you can transfer money with TransferWise online as well.

‘Feel At Home’ with Three

Three Feel at Home

If you travel a lot and you don’t already have an account with Three, now, or when you’re due for a new phone upgrade, is the time to sign up. What Three offers is a ‘Feel At Home’ service which means when you go abroad you can still call, text and use data as normal and up to 30 days also make calls on normal rates to numbers in the country you’re visiting. Remember, people in the country you’re visiting still pay overseas costs to reach you. No more are the worries of finding places with free WiFi offers to connect to WhatsApp and social media.

Make sure to look up in which countries the ‘Feel At Home’ service is available or you’ll be coming home to a massive phone bill. I  don’t know why not more phone network providers offer this, it’s a great selling point!

Have you got more travel hacks like these to suggest?

Jennie xx