Highlights of 2018

Where did this year go? We’ve only got a couple of hours left of 2018. As always the end of the year is extra special for me as it was my birthday yesterday. Turning 35 and the anxiety I had turning 30 came back but luckily not as strong. Like last time, as soon as the birthday was over, the anxiety disappeared but I still don’t like the number. THIRTY FIVE! It sounds and looks so old but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m going to embrace it and to be honest, I like being in my 30s more than my 20s. To celebrate my 35 years I thought I’d write down 35 highlights of 2018. Looking at the below list, it’s been a pretty good year!

Highlights of 2018 Bakerdays Letterbox CakeBakerdays Lemon Drizzle Cake

Highlights of 2018

  1. Getting approved as a UK citizen and attending the ceremony in February
  2. Loosing 6.9 kg in 10 weeks
  3. Being able to pay for a PT and still live
  4. Realising how strong I am and how hard I work when I’m motivated
  5. Being a Be Strong ambassador
  6. Visiting Birmingham and being asked where my accent is from. “No, not Swedish, you sound northern”. Whoop, what a compliment!
  7. Being able to lift my own body weight (and more) in sumo deadlift
  8. Holding a plank for 5 minutes
  9. Visiting London with my Swedish friends
  10. My best friend visiting me in Leeds for a whole weekend
  11. Finally experiencing a Swedish summer again, swimming and sunbathing
  12. Experiencing the UK heatwave (normal summer in my eyes)
  13. Being welcomed ‘home’ when showing my UK passport at the passport control in Leeds
  14. Having an autumnal weekend getaway in Paris
  15. Attending a live Moulin Rouge show in Paris
  16. Going on a ferry trip to Amsterdam (thanks to the blog)
  17. Playing Bonkers Bingo
  18. Receiving the July ‘Innovation’ award at work
  19. Winning the work team ‘Sunshine’ award for the third year in a row. Yes, I’m that happy at work
  20. Liverpool FC finishing the year at the top of Premiere League. Let’s hope it stays at the end of the season
  21. Witnessing England winning over Sweden in the World Cup in an English pub – what an atmosphere
  22. My parents visiting me and Leeds in March
  23. My brother and family visiting in June
  24. Being a blog ambassador for Studio.co.uk for 6 months
  25. Booking a tattoo sitting next year to finally have my sleeve done
  26. Fitting a size 10 jumpsuit
  27. Booking tickets to go see George Ezra in March next year
  28. Baking 7 different biscuits, treats and cakes for my birthday party
  29. Working with brands such as Leesa, Fabletics, Jet2, Miss Tunica and M&S on the blog
  30. Seeing and feeling muscles in my arms I never knew I had
  31. Completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks in 10.5 hours
  32. Running 6 k in just under 34 minutes
  33. Reaching 3,000 followers on Twitter
  34. How my fitness journey this year has inspired so many of you guys
  35. All the likes, lovely comments and interaction from you who read my blog, follow me on social media and who I meet in real life

What are your favourite highlights of 2018?

Jennie xx