I love travelling, especially exploring new places and enjoying old in great company, not so much the actual journey between places or actually it’s the airport life I don’t like. I consider myself a frequent traveller as I go back to Sweden two times a year and I between those I try my best to go to two, at least one more destination a year. By this time, I know Manchester airport and Copenhagen airport inside out and therefore have time to get annoyed about minor things.

Mainland view from LÃ¥nge Jan

1. People who complain there’s a long queue to the security check to ones their turn, not have prepared ANYTHING! It’s people like these who hold up the queue. Instead of ranting about it taking forever, they could prepare taking off their jackets, check pockets for coins, put liquids in a plastic bag etc.

2. Speaking of liquids having to be shown in a plastic bag. I think it’s really unfair you can fill it to the rim, only with 100ml bottles and up to 10 products in total. What if I only have two and one is 150ml? It still fits in the bag but nope! Manchester airport isn’t as strict with these bags but Copenhagen sure is. A part of me likes that but at the same time it’s really annoying. If I bring the same liquid in a 150ml bottle or divide it up in 3 x 50ml shouldn’t matter!

3. People boarding the plane from the front when they’re on the back row or vice versa. This is holding up everyone else from taking their seats. It’s bad enough the lies on the planes are narrow but if people are having to cross the whole plane before fining their seat, it’s nothing but annoying. It’s not difficult to ask a member of staff before which end your row is in or to guess yourself.

4. The tap water at airports is alway scolding hot. I know it’s not so you can make money of people buying water bottles rather than filling up their own but it doesn’t have to be that damn hot. I don’t find it nice washing my hands in scolding hot water.

Sorry for the rant! Anyone else feel like I do? Have you got any other airport incidents you annoy yourself over every time when travelling?

Jennie xx