Thankful for

With it being Thanksgiving this week, not that I celebrate, I though it would be nice listing all the things I’m thankful for this year, and probably most years in general. Keeping the intro short and letting the list speak for itself.

I am thankful for…

1. Having a job that I enjoy

2. Fab colleagues who without, work would be dull

3. Finally having sent in my UK citizenship application

4. My parents who I don’t think are thrilled over me becoming British still supporting me in my process

Life in the UK test document

5. Friends who are always there even though I sometimes don’t get in touch as often as I should

6. Being able to cycle to work

7. Going to a gym where staff supports and the classes are fun

8. Having a phone that works! Remember when I didn’t?

9. Not being ill (touch wood) since October 2015. I’ve had colds a couple of times but never bad enough to cal in sick

10. Being able to provide for myself and live in the flat I rent

11. The opportunities that’s come my way with this blog. Highlight of the year is the Ox Pasture Hotel stay near Scarborough

Ox Pasture Hall building

12. The people I meet through blogging, weather only at events or only over social and not in real life, but especially the ones I now consider friends

13. Being able to explore new places, absolutely love Hamburg and Dublin

14. My friends and family all living well (unless there’s something I don’t know about)

15. Being able to enjoy my own company. I love sharing experiences with others but I’m not afraid of going to a gig/cinema/restaurant or whatever it may be on my own

The Custom House Dublin

16. Having the willpower to resist all the snacks and sweets that are on offer in the office on a daily basis

17. Weekends! I love weekends wether they’re filled with life admi, lazy hours in bed or fun filled with trying new restaurants around Leeds

18. My freedom to what I like and say whether I want to

What are you thankful for right now?

Jennie xx