Apple skull tattoo close up

I have three tattoos since before and for a long time I’ve been thinking of getting a fourth one. Finally I got around to it and now it sits there, on my left leg, just under my calf.

I love tattoos and it is true, once you’ve got your first you only want more. For me it’s really difficult to decide what to actually have printed in on my body. I mean, it’s going to stay there for a long time and every time I see them I want to have a nice memory or thought in my head. I need my tattoos to have a meaning behind them.

Sometimes it’s frustrating not to come up with a good idea. When I want something I usually want it there and then and not wait around for it. Because this tattoo isn’t a pair of shoes or a nice dress that can be replaced I managed to be patient and think through my ideas. I don’t regret it and I absolutely love the result.

You might already have seen the picture on my Instagram the same day I had it done, but I haven’t showed you the final result: it’s in colour.

Apple skull tattoo in black and white

Apple skull tattoo in colour

The story behind my tattoo

I’ve always wanted to have a skull tattoo. I’m not really sure why but I have loved skulls for as long as I can remember. They are really cool and edgy but at the same time so simple. Most people probably associate them with death, and yes they are skeleton heads of dead people so I completely understand that. I however see them as a sign of life!

When I was born my parents planted an apple tree in the garden. My parents don’t live in that house any more but I’ve driven past to see it fully grown. When I think about it, maybe this apple tree is what sparked my fascination for trees: their shapes and how they always look good whether colourful with green leaves at summer or bare during winter time.

For an original tattoo that I can call my own I decided to combine these two favourites of mine, an apple and a skull – life and death. I didn’t want a skull on it’s own that anyone could be walking around with looking exactly the same. An apple tree would have been too big, probably really cool as a back piece but not for me. Instead I Googled and noticed that a few people had carved out skulls in apples and I thought that would be a good design for a tattoo.

Where I had the tattoo done

I went to my favourite tattoo parlour in Leeds, Ultimate Skin Tattoo to book an appointment.  I’ve had one done there before so I know that they are really good at what they do. @justin_rockett_tattoo thought it sounded like a cool idea when I told him the story and the design I had in mind.

Appointment card for tattoo

A few weeks later I came back and after two hours the tattoo was finished, Justin did a fab job! such a cool and edgy design and great finish. It took one hour to do all of the black lines. It looked cool then as well but I wanted it in colour to bring out the red and green colours that the special ‘Gravenstein’ apple have so I laid down for an extra hour.

what do you think? Have you got any tattoos? What’s the story behind them?

Jennie xx